Gutter Cleaning

Leave The Dirty Work To Us, The Gutter Cleaning Pros!

When it rains—it pours. And, that is exactly when it is too late to realize that your rain gutters and downspouts are in need of being cleared out and cleaned.
  • We have the tools to do the job safely, effectively, and quickly.
  • Loose debris, including leaves, pine needles, wayward toys (such as balls and Frisbees), mud, and more are removed and hauled away.
  • Downspouts flushed at no additional charge.
  • All work is performed by insured and trained Squeegee Pro employees, and not independent contractors.
  • Save your weekend for more important things.

Safe and Efficient

Cleaning out your gutters is not glamorous but it's a neccessary chore. We'll handle this dangerous and dirty task for you so you can move on with your weekend!
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Don't Break Your Back

Of all of the chores on your to-do list, clearing out debris and cleaning rain gutters ranks among the least favorite by most. Which is an excellent reason why you should let the professionals at Squeegee Pro clear and clean your rain gutters for you.

There is no need to waste your valuable time and risk injury during your precious weekend when the Squeegee Pro staff has the tools and skills to get the job done right.

What Our Gutter Cleaning Service Includes

Squeegee Pro's Gutter cleaning service includes inspection of the rain gutter for damage. We scoope out all the loose debrise in the toughs including leaves, pine needles, wayward toys (such as balls and frisbees), mud and more.

We bag up the debris and take it with us. We then fush out the downspouts to ensure water is flowing properly.

Why Get Your Gutters Cleaned?

Properly maintained rain gutters help to drain water away from your home during downpours and heavy storms that might otherwise cause damage. A rain gutter clogged with debris becomes weighted down and will begin to pull away from the house. This can cause damage to your fascia boards, as well as allowing water to flow behind the gutter rather than through it, and possibly seeping into your home.

Clean and clear rain gutters and downspouts help prevent wood rot, termite and mosquito infestations, mold growth, and even foundation damage.

Are You Insured?

Yes, all our employees are covered by worker's compensation in case of injury. Unlike some companies we don't hire any uninsured indepedant contractors.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the height and length of your gutters. Gutter cleaning runs $1.50 -$2.25 per linear foot of actual gutter (no charge for the down spouts). Minimum charges apply. Give us a call at 866-956-7936 to get the most accurate quote.

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