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Leave The Dirty Work To Us, The Gutter Cleaning Pros!

When it rains—it pours. And, that is exactly when it is too late to realize that your rain gutters and downspouts are in need of being cleared out and cleaned.
  • We have the tools to do the job safely, effectively, and quickly.
  • Loose debris, including leaves, pine needles, wayward toys (such as balls and Frisbees), mud, and more are removed and hauled away.
  • Downspouts flushed at no additional charge.
  • All work is performed by insured and trained Squeegee Pro employees, and not independent contractors.
  • Save your weekend for more important things.

Orange County Gutter Cleaning:
What to Look For When Choosing a Company to Clean Your Gutters

Over time, the gutters on your home can get clogged up with dirt, leaves, plant matter and other debris. If left unattended, this can cause water to backup and possibly leak into your home. However, of all the jobs to do around the outside of the house, cleaning gutters is one of those things that’s just downright unpleasant. First you have to get the ladder, then you have to get up there and remove all the crud, and that makes your lawn look bad…


By letting SqueegeePro tackle your gutter cleaning in Orange County, you’ll have a reliable,dependable team that you can trust to handle this dreaded task. Let our professionals efficiently and effectively clean your gutters while removing pine needles, leaves, debris and even stray toys that can get caught and trapped in the gutters.

Don’t risk pain or injury trying to do it yourself when one quick call to SqueegeePro, your Orange County gutter cleaners, can take care of the problem quickly and easily. Before you hire just any Orange County gutter cleaning company, however, it’s important to understand what’s actually involved in the process, as well as the cost and any other details before you start to work with just anyone.

We also understand you may have many questions about gutter cleaning in Orange County. We’re happy to answer some of the most common questions we receive about gutter cleaning services in Orange County:

Even if you have a screen or covering over your gutters to keep leaves, dirt and debris out, it’s still a good idea to have your gutters cleaned regularly. This is because despite whatever kind of cover you may have, dirt and small particles can still get caught in the gutters over time. Oftentimes, gutter cleaning companies will come and scoop out the unwanted debris and drop is squarely on your lawn — and who wants to deal with that mess?

At SqueegeePro, we know that making your home look great is important, which is why we don’t just clean your gutters, but we remove the gunk, bag it up and haul it away. We also inspect your gutters for any potential damage that could cause problems, so you can relax and leave your Orange County gutter cleaning to true professionals!

Gutter cleaning costs in Orange County can vary depending on several factors.Generally speaking, our prices depend on the length and height of your gutters. We generally charge $1.50-$2.25 per linear foot of gutter. We don’t charge for downspouts yet we’ll flush them out for you free of charge to be sure they’re working properly.

Having properly functioning gutters and downspouts is crucial for the safety and care of your home. But even though you know you have to do something, that doesn’t make it any more pleasant! That’s why SqueegeePro is here — to get the tedious stuff done for you, done right, and done fast!

Because so much debris can build up quickly in your gutters (even if you don’t have any trees near your home), we recommend having your gutters cleaned in Orange County twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. This ensures that your gutters can stay clean during the rainiest times of year where torrential storms can pop up suddenly and cause major headaches for homeowners with clogged gutters!

Of course, no matter what season it is, if you’ve put off having your gutters cleaned for some time and you know you need to just get it done, it’s a perfect time to call SqueegeePro! Let us come to you with all the tools needed to safely and effectively clean your gutters the easy and professional way, so you can make one more thing off your to-do list!

When we come to you for Orange County gutter cleaning, you’ll know right away that you’ve got the best company in the business on your side. Our professional team has over 20 years of experience cleaning gutters, so we know how to get into even tightly packed spaces to ensure that everything is flowing correctly!

We bring all the necessary tools including ladders and gutter cleaning tools to ensure that your gutters are squeaky clean. We then check to ensure everything is flowing as it should be — because the last thing you want are unexpected surprises if there’s a blockage somewhere along your gutter!

We’ll then take the junk we’ve removed, bag it up and haul it away, giving you one less thing to worry about. Enjoy clean, easy-flowing gutters that look and work the way they were intended. If we should inspect them and discover any problems, we’ll let you know right away as well as advise you on the best way to move forward.

You may think that the worst that can happen if your gutters are clogged are that water will simply overflow, but the problem can actually be much worse.

By not cleaning your gutters, you run the risk that the water will seep up and collect on your roof, which can cause even more damage. Roof replacement is a huge undertaking and highly expensive, which is why it’s a good idea to get your gutters cleaned to avoid unnecessary and very costly repairs! But the roof isn’t the only place where water can pool.

The ground is another haven for draining water, and poor drainage can mean that water can pool in and around your foundation and possibly seep into your basement.

Water that seeps into your basement can not only increase the chances for mold, mildew and fungi to grow, but also can cause foundations to crack as well as damage other areas of your home, such as your circuit breaker or other electronics. In addition to problems within your home, clogged gutters can also become a safe haven for all kinds of animals including bugs and birds that like to build nests in dark, secluded corners.

Good question! Generally speaking, your gutters should last you around 20 years. Metal gutters last the longest, and your investment in your gutters will last significantly longer if you have them covered with a sort of guard or mesh. If you’re concerned about the safety or drainage of your gutters, it’s a good idea to call SqueegeePro and let our gutter cleaning experts investigate the issue and give you an honest opinion of the best way to move forward.

And while cleaning your gutters isn’t a particularly difficult job, it also isn’t the most glamorous of tasks. It’s one of those “necessary evils” among home tasks and seasonal weatherproofing to-do’s. That’s why it’s a good idea to call a reliable, professional and experienced Orange County gutter cleaning company that understands that these tasks are certainly unpleasant, and are willing to do the dirty work so that you don’t have to!

Yes! All of our Orange County gutter cleaners are fully bonded and insured to help protect you in case of any accidental slips, falls or other problems. This gives you extra peace of mind knowing that the work is being handled by dependable experts who aim to exceed your expectations with every job, large or small.

You’ll also be glad to know that we can handle other household tasks too, including window cleaning (our specialty!), blind cleaning, pressure washing of your walkway, driveway, siding and more. Mark all those tedious “honey-do’s” off your list by letting SqueegeePro handle it all!

Ready to take the next step and have your gutters professionally cleaned by the fastest-growing gutter cleaning company in Orange County? You’re in luck! We offer free estimates and can get the process started right over the phone. Give us a call today or fill out the form on our website and let us know if you need your gutters cleaned (or one of our other many professional services!). We’d be glad to give you a free, no obligation quote!

When you have Orange County gutter cleaning services handled by SqueegeePro, you know the work is being done by true professionals who aim to please! Call us today to learn more, ask any questions you may have or set an appointment for a convenient time to have your gutters cleaned. It has never been easier to enjoy clean, free-flowing gutters the fast and easy way. See why SqueegeePro is one of the most popular choices for gutter cleaning in Orange County. Call today!

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squeegee pro orange county gutter cleaning
squeegee pro orange county gutter cleaning
squeegee pro orange county gutter cleaning
squeegee pro orange county gutter cleaning
Orange Country Gutter Cleaning
Orange Country Gutter Cleaning
Orange Country Gutter Cleaning
Orange Country Gutter Cleaning
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