Blind Cleaning

We don’t just dust your blinds and shutters. We deep clean them for the best results possible. Blind cleaning is not a fun job. You have to be constantly alternating between bending over, and climbing a ladder. We take on the a laborious and timely task so you can sit back and enjoy your clean blinds.

  • On-Site Service: No waiting for your blinds to return, we clean them at your home or office.

  • Mild Soap: The mild low-allergen soap we use contains no hard chemicals.

  • By-hand: We don’t rely on machines or chemical to do the cleaning, we hand clean each blind slat by slat.

  • Full Service: Just sit back and relax, we take down, clean, and rehang all your blinds for you.

Blind Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Blind Cleaning

Friendly and Dependable Staff

Cleaning blinds is not the most glamorous work in the world. But we take pride in knowing that our service helps people feel better about their homes.


Shutter Cleaning

We use a similar deep cleaning techniques for shutters. Shutters are cleaned with mild wood cleaners, and soft cotton cleaning pads. Squeegee Pro will clean the shutters in-place by hand, ensuring the best results.

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