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Our highly-skilled staff is adept at bidding and managing commercial window cleaning jobs. We have the right equipment to reach tall and hard-to-reach glass, as well as great solvents to reduce hard water stains which build up over time..
  • We Show Up to the Job Site On Time
  • Employees Covered by Worker’s Comp & Liability Insurance
  • Flexible Scheduling to Minimize Disruption to Your Business
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning

Office Buildings

Utilizing our professional grade window cleaning equipment, we clean many large (and small) office buildings each year. We also perform hard water treatment on lower panels where night-time sprinklers hit the glass over and over. Let us restore your building to a greater lustre. Our professional-grade window cleaning equipment cuts through dirt and grime, leaving your glass panels sparkling clean. We also perform hard water treatments on lower panels where sprinkler systems often leave a buildup of mineral deposits. We’ll restore the luster of your office building in no time.

Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning

Retail Store Fronts

Squeegee Pro can also help maintain your professional image on retail store fronts small and large. Keeping glass clean shows that you care for your company and your customers and presents a good image. Make a great first impression on your customers by keeping a neat and tidy storefront. When your retail location glistens, it shows that you care about your company and your customers. So put your best foot forward and call us to schedule a cleaning.

Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning

Common Area Glass

These jobs are rarely done and can be highly complex, but we have the skills and equipment to do it right and maintain safety. These areas are usually complex jobs that are often neglected. We have the skills and the equipment to do it right quickly and safely. Give us a call for a quote on your special common area glass today. Give us a call today.

Poor maintenance of commercial space windows can have a negative impact on both the aesthetics and functionality of your building’s window glass. There are many benefits to having the work done by highly trained professionals who are experts at the task of commercial window cleaning.

Consider the following reasons why you should call Squeegee Pro Window Cleaning Services today. Our cleaning crews are dedicated to providing exceptional service with an eye for detail that ensures total customer satisfaction.

Save Money in the Long Run

The price of everything has only increased these days and we’re all looking for ways to get more while spending less. When it comes to your commercial windows, hiring a professional cleaning company like Squeegee Pro to perform routine maintenance can help you save thousands on costly repairs and replacement of windows that have been damaged and deteriorated due to neglect.

The lifespan of your commercial window glass, along with the various other components of the building’s window systems including the frames, sealants, and glazings can be as long as thirty years with typical wear and tear before these components begin to fail and require replacement. But if you fail to maintain the windows in an appropriate fashion you risk needlessly decreasing that lifespan and paying more to have these elements replaced sooner than expected.  

You’ve already invested significant financial resources into the ownership of your commercial building, protect your investment with Squeegee Pro, the commercial window cleaning service you can trust to do the job with the utmost care.

Squeegee Pro keeps windows sparkling clean on your schedule. We specialize in window cleaning for all types of buildings, large or small:

  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Breweries
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Churches
  • Residential Living Communities

Call us today at 949-528-4045 for an immediate quote or fill out this form and someone will be in touch within 24 hours.

Eliminate the Stubborn Stuff

Professional commercial window cleaning targets the most common impurities that can be difficult to remove and leave your windows looking hazy and dirty. If your commercial building windows have been marred by any of these nuisance contaminants, only a professional cleaning service like Squeegee Pro can remove the toughest, most stubborn causes of ugly buildup that have compromised the appearance of your commercial property.

Hard-Water Stains

Have you ever noticed how windows look spotty and stained from sprinklers that have watered nearby grass and shrubbery? Those are hard-water stains which are left behind once the droplets have evaporated, leaving behind minerals like calcium and magnesium. The longer those minerals are allowed to remain on the glass, the harder it can be to remove. Before too long, those minerals can build up and leave a hazy film that is very difficult to eliminate as the minerals become etched into the surface of the glass. Those same minerals can also penetrate the seals and weaken the frames if left unaddressed for long periods of time. 

But proper routine window maintenance can reduce hard water build up by cleaning away the minerals left behind from sprinklers and rainwater before they damage the surface of your building’s windows and leave behind a permanent reminder of neglect. 

Our experts will thoroughly remove those hard-water stains to keep your building’s windows clean and prevent the seals and frames from deteriorating.

Aging Components

Window glazing, gaskets, and seals all begin to lose their structural integrity as a result of wear and tear, age, and other surrounding environmental impacts. These are particularly evident in older buildings and the window glass will start to show signs of these failures in the form of waxy streaks and milky residue that can permanently stain the surface of the glass when allowed to remain in the hot sun.  

Routine maintenance of your windows can stop the breakdown of these failing components from turning into permanent visible stains on your window glass and diminishing the appearance of your commercial building’s exterior.

More Sunlight, Brighter Interiors

Dirty windows don’t just impact the exterior of your commercial building, they can have a negative effect on the space inside of the building as well. When the windows are covered in residue and buildup, it limits the amount of sunlight that gets in. That can make for frustrated tenants and reduced satisfaction in the way your commercial building is being managed. 


Clean glass is more appealing both outdoors and indoors as your tenants can enjoy more sunlight and brighter interiors of their leased space. Employees are more productive and visiting clients and stakeholders will have a higher opinion of your property. 


Nothing dissatisfies current and prospective tenants more than a dreary commercial space that appears to be poorly maintained. Your building’s windows reveal a lot about the way the building is operated. Routine commercial window cleaning puts a positive spotlight on your property with an abundance of natural sunlight to impress anyone who occupies your building or is considering occupancy.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Clean windows also offer greater energy efficiency and tenants will appreciate the savings in their electric bills throughout the year. When more sunlight is allowed to shine in, office lighting can be used less as natural light illuminates the interiors of their commercial space. Commercial window cleaning with Squeegee Pro ensures your windows are always clear and clean for increased sunlight and increased tenant satisfaction.

Additional Benefits of Professional Window Cleaners

In any business, you want to put your best foot forward. First impressions can potentially cost you money…or make you money! Whether you’re looking to rent office space to a growing business, entice someone to rent an apartment, or show off the latest fashions, how your storefront looks matters.

You may not give much thought to how long your windows will last, but we certainly do. Windows are exposed to the elements every day – wind, sand, rain, dirt, and grime can build up quickly and cause them to become filmy and discolored. The longer you wait between washings, the harder it becomes to restore your windows to their original brilliance.

When you and your employees are focused on your business, it’s easy to push regular building maintenance down the priority list. Why pull yourself or your staff away from their everyday responsibilities? Squeegee Pro can set up a regular window washing schedule based on your specific needs. Whether you choose weekly, semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, we’ll create a custom schedule that works for you so you can set it and forget it!

Washing windows is a dangerous job, especially if you own a multi-level building. It’s not something you would want you or your staff to tackle on their own, so leave it to the professionals! Squeegee Pro hires only the best employees, all of whom have the necessary knowledge to do the job safely and efficiently. All of our employees are fully insured with both liability and worker’s compensation, so there is no risk to your business.

A healthy environment is a clean environment. Windows that are free of dirt, streaks, grime, and hard water stains let more natural light into the business space. More light creates an atmosphere that encourages both the mental and physical wellbeing of your staff and customers. A clean environment also motivates people to be more productive. Clean windows can help you maintain a healthy and happy staff!

How Often Should My Windows Be Cleaned?

Every building is different. Many different factors come into play when deciding a window-cleaning schedule in Orange County. The weather, climate, location of the building, how quickly dirt accumulates all make a difference. We offer many different cleaning schedules:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • Custom…i.e. every six weeks etc.

Just give us a call and we will help you decide on the best cleaning schedule for your business!

Call Squeegee Pro Today

How do the windows on your commercial property look? Are they clean and transparent or have they been marred by mineral buildup, dirty residue, and accumulation from airborne pollutants that have made your windows and your building appear dingy and drab? 

Our commercial window cleaning experts can give your dull, dirty windows the tender loving care they have been missing for a refreshed exterior and brighter interior of your property from top to bottom. 

Give us a call and one of our representatives will come out to your property, assess the size and number of windows to clean and provide you with a quote. Don’t let neglect damage your windows and decrease curb appeal of your commercial property. 

Call today for cleaner, brighter, more appealing windows tomorrow! 

Why Hire Squeegee Pro

Our scrubber and squeegee services are far superior to other window washing companies, and here’s why we think you’ll love what we can do for you:

Quality Staff

Our employees work directly for us, and we only hire the best. Our team is made up of quality workers who care about doing the job right the first time. They are fully insured and trained to use the latest techniques and safety measures and adept at bidding and managing commercial window cleaning jobs.

Best Equipment

We have the right equipment to reach tall and hard-to-reach glass areas, as well as great solvents to eliminate hard water stains that can build up over time. We use water-fed poles and brushes coupled with deionized water because of its impressive ability to remove “gunk” from the window’s surface. Deionized water contains no minerals, so it never streaks or leaves residue behind.

High-Quality Customer Service…Really

Almost all companies claim to have impressive customer service, but it’s a sad fact that many companies fail to follow through on what they promise. Squeegee Pro is family-owned and operated, and we mean everything we say. We make sure you aren’t merely satisfied…we will exceed your expectations. We show up on time, and we leave your windows cleaner than you’ve ever seen them. For dependable and reliable commercial window cleaning services, Squeegee Pro is there for you 100%.

Easy Quotes

Getting a quote from Squeegee Pro is easy. We can usually do it right over the phone. Chances are, using our service will be less expensive than you think. Give us a call at 949-528-4045 to get your customized quote today!

Our Customers Love Working With Us – Just Ask Sadie!

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and Sadie is there to make sure we do everything right. Sadie has been our office mascot for over six years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach, and now does her best to keep a smile on our faces every day. She doesn’t answer the phones, but she sure does like to hear them ring! She is very thankful for customers like you who choose Squeegee Pro and help her keep her job as “Top-Dog” here at the office.

The bottom line is that we’ll get it clean – just give us a ring!


We appreciate you and know that our services will exceed your expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

Our Customers Love Working With Us

Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
Squeegee Pro Orange County Commercial Window Cleaning
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Our Office Dog Sadie has been with us for over 6 years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach.
Sadie doesn’t answer the phones but she likes to hear them ring, and we know that if she could say so, she would be very thankful for customers like you who choose Squeegee Pro. It is people like you that let Sadie keep her job as the official office dog here at Squeegee Pro.