Pressure Washing

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Squeegee Pro Power Washing

Anything like wind, rain, and humidity can get many surfaces in your home dirty. This is when our professional staff is needed to assist you with our pressure washing services. Has a spider infestation draped your home in unsightly cobwebs? Is your driveway marred by tire marks and automotive leaks? Does the dirt that’s accumulated on your patio track into your home? We’re here to help with pressure washing services! Our power washers have specialized tips to work on different surfaces with great success.
  • Knowledgeable and Trained Staff
  • Touch-Up Cleaning of windows soiled from Pressure Washing.
  • Waste Water Remediation
  • Up to 4,200 PSI for the toughest jobs

We Pressure Wash Many Surfaces

Choose Our Professional Pressure Washing Service

squeegee pro pressure washing orange county driveway and walks

Driveway & Walkways

Is your concrete driveway not looking so hot? Pressure washing driveways is a task that not only consumes time but it also takes an investment to buy the proper tools to complete it. Squeegee Pro values our customers’ time by providing effective power washing services. Driveways are hard to power wash due to the excessive use give them. They can easily get stained with oil or any other chemicals your cars can leak. We highly recommend our customer to provide a continuous maintenance on surfaces like concrete; this type of surface is pretty quick on absorbing these chemicals leaving a stain on the driveway.  These stains could become permanent even when pressure washing the area that got stained. We can pressure wash poured concrete, wood decks, alumawood, paver stones and much more! We are very proud of the job we provide in each of our services.
  • From pavers to poured concrete
  • Waste Water Remediation
  • Special Cleaners to Reduce Oil Stains
  • No harsh chemicals that would harm plants or animals

squeegee pro pressure washing orange county stucco and siding

Stucco & Siding

Brighten up your home overall with whole-house pressure washing. Our gentle pressure washing of home removes cobwebs under eaves, dust and dirt build-up, and other surface dirt. When we pressure wash your home we won’t pressure wash areas where we are able to notice obvious bubbling or cracking paint, degraded stucco, or areas obstructed by vegetation will not be cleaned. If we notice there is loose dirt or flower at the base of the building we will only wash that area off so as not to disrupt the vegetation but still keep it clean.

  • Great service to have done before having your home painted
  • We always clean the exterior windows when finished
  • Experienced staff who know how to power wash different surfaces
  • Waste Water Remediation

squeegee pro pressure washing orange county patios and decks

Patios & Decks

We know our customers give the best spring and summer parties. Are you trying to throw an outdoor soiree but the patio is looking shabby? Give Squeegee Pro a call so we can brighten it up for you and don’t forget that we also offer commercial cleaning services as well. Being on the pressure washing business for over 20 years has given us the experience to clean your patios and decks leaving an improved result. We pressure wash decks and patios frequently, from large to small and service cities all around nearby area. Using the proper combination of the pressure applied on our pressure washing machines we can work with patios of all kinds of surface such as brick, concrete, stone, and wood. We are glad to tell you that we can also power wash patio furniture that does not involve fabric. This also improves the appearance of your patio and make you the best host.

  • From pavers to poured concrete
  • We can clean the patio cover too, just ask for a quote!
  • Friendly and experienced technicians
  • Waste Water Remediation
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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

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squeegee pro pressure washing orange county
squeegee pro pressure washing orange county
squeegee pro pressure washing orange county
squeegee pro pressure washing orange county
squeegee pro pressure washing orange county
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squeegee pro pressure washing orange county
Orange County Squeegee Pro Sadie


Our Office Dog Sadie has been with us for over 6 years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach.
Sadie doesn’t answer the phones but she likes to hear them ring, and we know that if she could say so, she would be very thankful for customers like you who choose Squeegee Pro. It is people like you that let Sadie keep her job as the official office dog here at Squeegee Pro.