Driveways and Walkways

While you might not realize it, over the years, your driveway is subjected to much of the same harsh conditions as a traffic-clogged highway or street. Tire marks, oil stains and other leaking automotive fluids, in addition to various outdoor elements, can leave a driveway filthy and grimy. While sidewalks and walkways are not subjected to the same rough automotive treatment as driveways, they too can also get discolored and dingy looking with dirt worn into their porous surfaces after years of heavy foot-traffic.

Effective Driveway & Walkway Pressure Washing

Squeegee Pro technicians use high-pressure nozzles ranging from 15 to 45 degrees to assure the best result based on the surface being cleaned. We avoid the use of chemicals for most power washing jobs to protect surrounding vegetation and reduce the effect on the environment. In most cases, the power washing of driveways and walkways can accomplished with minimal or no chemicals.
  • Minimal To No Chemicals Used
  • Safe, Effective Cleaning
  • Reduce or Eliminate Stubborn Stains
  • Bio-Degradable Enzymn Cleaning of Oil Stains

Professional Procedures

With Squeegee Pro pressure cleaning your driveway or walkway you can rest assured that we will complete the job, and that includes thoroughly cleaning all residual mess that may result in the power washing your property. And, you can count on the Squeegee Pro power wash crew to take special care not to damage the surrounding landscape.
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