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Welcome to Squeegee Pro! We’ve been washing windows in Irvine since the beginning of our company. We focus on offering quality dependable service for the nice people of Irvine. Friendly helpful cleaners will come to your home and help make your windows sparkle!

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Our Tried and True Full Service Window Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

The inside of each window is cleaned using a 3-step process: Scrubbing using a low allergen soap, squeegee'd using scratch-reducing silicon squeegees, and all edges of the glass are carefully detailed with lint-free cloths.

Exterior Cleaning

The exterior of each window is cleaned using a 5-stage De-ionized cleaning system. At the end we apply a spot free rinse to each window to ensure we don't leave a residue that could attract dust, and gives more longevity to the cleaning.

Screen Cleaning

If applicable to your home screens are removed, depending on how soiled the screen is it will be brushed or we will use a detergent. We try to not over-clean screens it can wear the mesh over time.

Track Cleaning

Our final detail includes a thorough wipe down of the window sills with a clean microfiber cloth to compliment your freshly cleaned and sparkling window glass. We also offer a Track Detailing Options for tracks needing extra attention.

20 Years of Satisfied Window Cleaning customers in Irvine and beyond!

When you’ve been in business for 20 years, and you do a good job for customers they have a tendency to come back, and we’ve certainly experienced that. We always appreciate with a customer is satisfied with their window cleaning service and let us know, but we also appreciate when people take the time to let others know as well.

Squeegee Pro
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Lindsay M.'s Review Lindsay M.
5.0 star rating

We had a great experience using Squeegee Pro! We don't have a ton of windows in our home, but some of them are located in our vaulted ceiling area making it...

Inez F.'s Review Inez F.
5.0 star rating

They were prompt and did a great job at a reasonable price. They cleaned up after themselves.
M. Inez Fraser

Window Cleaning Add-Ons

Squeegee Pro cleans windows every day of the week. But we realize that many people have cleaning needs beyond glass, and offer upgrades and addons that can take your window cleaning service to the next level! Our most popular window cleaning upgrades are track deep cleaning and hard water treatment.


Hard Water Treatment

Track Vacuuming

Track Detailing


Shower Door Cleaning

Skylight and Mirrors

Sky Lights & Mirrors

Coach light

Coach Lights

Wind Wall Cleaning

Wind Walls and Patio Glass

Squeegee Pro - The Fully insured + friendly window cleaners.

Squeegee Pro doesn’t cut corners with safety or insurance. All employees (yes they are real employees not independent contractors) are covered by worker’s compensation and liability insurance. We also believe in using the right tools! We have developed our own proprietary machine that creates the cleaning solution we use to clean the window, and the spot-free rinse.

  • Don’t break your back, literally! Let trained professionals do the dirty work.

  • All employees are covered by insurance!

  • You’re busy, don’t spend your time cleaning the windows, we do!

Friendly and Professional

"I just enjoy being outside, and physical. Helping customers is what I love!"

- Jesse

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We service all of Orange County, including Irvine as well as Long Beach, areas of Los Angeles and Claremont and select cities in San Bernardino County.

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