We Are Here To Help You Our standard full service window cleaning is very good but you might require some additional services specific to your special circumstances. Luckily with Squeegee Pro we offer a selection of services to make your life easier.

squeegee pro window cleaning orange county track detailing

Track Detailing

With Track Detailing we go to town on the window tracks, using a vacumm, cravice tools, brushes, and elbow grease. ($50 – $150 additional)

Orange County Squeegee Pro Commercial Window Cleaning

Glass Polishing: Hard Water And Oxidation

We have a selection of glass polishes, and disolvers to remove stubborn hard water stains and oxidation, whether they are on your windows, or shower door.

squeegee pro window cleaning orange county coach lights

Coach Lights

Coach Lights can clean up really well. Most of the time we can clean both the inside and outside of the coach light we clean the glass and dush the fixture.

squeegee pro wind wall cleaning

Wind Walls / Glass Patio Walls

Glass patio walls get dirty fast, and are exposed to the elements on both sides. We can give them a deep scrubbing to make your home sparkle.

squeegee pro window cleaning orange county sky lights and mirror cleaning

Sky lights

Talk about hard to reach, skylights can be tough to clean, we can normally clean both the interior and exterior, and the screen as well

Orange County Squeegee Pro Sadie


Our Office Dog Sadie has been with us for over 6 years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach.
Sadie doesn’t answer the phones but she likes to hear them ring, and we know that if she could say so, she would be very thankful for customers like you who choose Squeegee Pro. It is people like you that let Sadie keep her job as the official office dog here at Squeegee Pro.