Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Tile Roof Cleaning

Although challenging and dangerous, some of our best “before and after” photos come from tile roof cleaning. By the time our customers call, roofs are really ready to be cleaned up. And when Squeegee Pro comes out, we do a great job!

Full Roof Cleaning Service

Cleaning a roof is dirty business. Our roof cleaning package includes more than just getting the roof clean. We make sure the whole home is left as clean as possible. The elements of our full roof cleaning package are based on years of experience. We don’t cut corners and price into our work a full clean-up of the exterior of your home.

Package Includes:

Roof Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning of Tile

Before and After Photos

Safety Harnesses Worn

Waste Water Compliance

Home Detailing

Stucco and Siding Washed Off

Driveway Washed Down

Gutters are Cleaned Out

Walkways & Patios Washed

Window Cleaning

Exterior Windows Washed

Screens Cleaned

Window Sills Wiped

Interior Window Cleaning

Long Lasting Results

Most homeowners don’t look at their roof on a regular basis. So by the time roofs get so dirty they needs to be cleaned, Squeegee Pro is the company to call. See picture to the left. Dirt takes time to build up on tile roofs, so there’s great longevity too.

Our customers routinely get 5 to 10 years out of each cleaning.

Call today for a free roof cleaning quote.

Great Results

The pictures speak for themselves. We get terrific results in the removal of mold, lichen, moss, and other biological debris which builds up over years to cause an unsightly roof. At this point, it’s time to call Squeegee Pro so our techs can make your roof look brand new.



Fully Insured and Safety Focused

We care about our employees and take their safety very seriously. Only a fraction of our staff is fully trained on roof cleaning. We always install D rings on eaves and everyone who goes on roofs wears a OSHA approved fall supression system. Our insurance certificate can be emailed once roof cleaning is scheduled.

Ready For a Clean Roof?

Don’t be a stranger. Each roof quote is tailored to each individual home. So give us a call so we can email you a quote and answer any questions. We are here to help.