Solar Panel Cleaning

De-ionized Panel Cleaning - The Safe Choice

You have made a significant investment by installing solar panels on your home or office. De-ionized cleaning gives great results without harsh chemicals.
  • Chemical Free - No harsh chemicals used.
  • Leaves No Residue - Reduce future soiling build-up.
  • Reduces Risk of Damage - Only a soft brush touches your panels.

Increase Panel Efficiency

Dirty solar panels are not nearly as effective--the dirt and grime reduces the ability of the panel to work at full capacity. If the cells on the solar panel are dirty, then less sunlight is able to be absorbed, and hence less electricity produced.
  • Customer Report a imediate bump in power generation.
  • Routin Cleaning prevent oxidation buildup which is not removable.

Squeegee Pro - Safe, Insured, Friendly

A lot of people get their Solar panels cleaned as part of their window cleaning service.
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