Orange County Chandelier Cleaning

Deep Chandelier Cleaning

Perhaps you’ve forgotten just how beautiful your chandelier can look when it is clean. Or, maybe the chandelier came with your house and is coated with flith, either way we’ll. After almost 20 years we know a few things about cleaning Chandeliers.

  • Deep Cleaning – Not a quick spray off.
  • Hand Polishing – For long lasting shine.
  • Safe – Protecting your investment.

A crystal chandelier or intricate light fixture can brighten a formal dining room or enhance an entryway with class and beauty. But over time, the sparkle and radience of even the most stunning chandelier will dull to dust. lint, and even cobwebs. More often than not, chandeliers are hung high enough to make cleaning much more challenging than your standard housekeeping chore.

Squeegee Pro offers Orange County chandelier owners professional chandelier cleaning that will restore the radiance of their most cherished and valuable light fixtures. Since chandeliers come in many different types and sizes, a cleaning professional with chandelier experience is your best option for your fragile and expensive light fixtures.

The chandelier hanging in your foyer or dining room is collecting dust. And, what may ber well be one of the most extravagant and expensive items in your home deserves more than a passover with a feather duster attached to the end of a long pole. The trained technicians at Squeegee Pro know how to clean your precious chandelier with a modified approach to their time-tested and proven window glass cleaning method.

Don’t let another day go by with your once beautiful chandelier just hanging their collecting even more dust and cobwebs. There is no need for you to risk breaking delecate crystals and fixtures, or to even attempt to try to reach the highst of chandeliers that the simple ladder stored in your garage just won’t reach. The Squeegee Pro technicians are ready to professionally clean your chandelier’s and light fixtures. For more imformation on how Squeegee Pro cleans chandeliers in Orange County, as well as Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire, be sure to visit our Chandelier Cleaning page.

Orange County Chandelier Cleaning

We Clean All Types of Chandeliers and Fixtures


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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

In-Depth Chandelier Cleaning Information

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Sorry we do not clean chandeliers in San Diego or Palm Springs.

We clean all types of chandeliers. For cleaning purposes here are five basic styles.

Carefully! We’ve developed our approach over years of cleaning chandeliers in Southern California. First we move all furniture and obstructions, and then setup our scissor lift or ladders. Next, we lay down foam batting as a layer of protection for fragile or antique chandeliers as a precaution for where the attachments may be worn or loose.

We then clean the top canopy, then the body dish, body column and bottom bowl. Next we clean the top chains and arms. Finally, we clean the prims, bobeche, pendalogues, and the bottom ball. Generally we use Glass Gleem and a de-ionized water rinse on the glass after it has been cleaned. It is time consuming and detailed work, but well worth it in the end.

Oh man, we wish there was some way to make general pricing for chandeliers, but chandeliers (like their owners) are all unique!

The price to clean chandeliers is directly related to how accessible the fixture is, the complexity and delicate nature of the parts concerned, and overall size.

Simpliest Fixtures:$75 – $125
Basic Chandeliers:$175 – $350
Orniate Chandeliers:$400 – $2,000

The more complex and high your chandelier is the more it can cost, sometimes we must use lifts to access the chandelier and it could take more than one day.

Quicker, faster, cheaper is not always better. Mineral spirits, or “oil cleaning” can provide a quick luster and shine but doesn’t removed soiling build up, and the results can be short lived. “Drip Cleaning” removes surface dirt and is fast but doesn’t buff or shine so you don’t get that lasting sparkle. Also the amount of water used can cause metal parts to rust.

Simple hanging lights can take as little as 15 or 20 minutes. Complex chandeliers can require several days with a scissor lift or scaffolding. Given that most chandeliers that we clean in Orange County and Los Angeles have been installed in the last 20 – 40 years, very few have the ability to be lowered to the floor to be cleaned.

We are insured and all cleaner are employees covered by workers compensation. It would never be our intention to break a chandelier. We take several precautions to prevent this. If we were to break a piece of your chandelier we know of several chandelier retailers that can order parts. We do limit our liability to a refund of the value of the cleaning.

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