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We Are Here To Help You Check out our window cleaning service, we help brighten our customer’s day by cleaning the windows at their home. With competitve rates and a focus on quality and dependability we think you’ll be impressed.

Thanks for checking out Squeegee Pro. We’re very proud of our window cleaning and pressure washing service and the work of our guys. If there is ever a issue with your service we’re here for you. From Jocelyn in the office, to the guys in the field we are constantly stressing the importance of a job well done.

We’ve developed a wonderful group of loyal repeat customers, but we are always looking to help out more wonderful customers.  To get a quote, just us a call at the office 866-956-7936 or fill out our contact us form. Either way we hope you’ll enjoy your service too.


Liz and Paul

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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

Claremont and Near By Cities

Starting in 2012 Squeegee Pro began offering window cleaning services to north eastern Los Angeles and Western San Bernardino county.

Long Beach + Bits of Los Angeles

Squeegee Pro offers cleaning services in select areas of Los Angeles as well.
Orange County Squeegee Pro Sadie


Our Office Dog Sadie has been with us for over 6 years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach.
Sadie doesn’t answer the phones but she likes to hear them ring, and we know that if she could say so, she would be very thankful for customers like you who choose Squeegee Pro. It is people like you that let Sadie keep her job as the official office dog here at Squeegee Pro.