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orange county window cleaningSqueegee Pro proudly serves the Inland Empire community of Walnut with professional window cleaning service, as well as our other high quality services such as pressure washing, deep blind cleaning, and rain gutter clearing. . What better way to enjoy the generally sunny weather and majesty of the nearby mountains than through the clean and clear windows of your Walnut residence or business?

When it’s time to have your windows cleaned in Walnut, it’s time to call Squeegee Pro. Based in Orange County, the family-owned company has been providing the window cleaning needs of Walnut and surrounding communities within the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County with quality service, dedication to detail, and a pleasant demeanor for over a decade. Our insured and bonded trained professional technicians take pride in providing efficient and detail-oriented service that is sure to leave your Walnut residential or commercial windows bright and clear.

Call Squeegee Pro today at (866) 956-7936 to book your appointment for window cleaning in Walnut.

Customer Reviews

We are intensely focused on customer satisaction. We routinely run contests for our employee to see who can give the highest satisfaction to our customers with our Orange County window cleaning work. With over 15,000 customers serviced in the last 21 years, we've developed a loyal following, but we are still accepting new customers as well!

Please note in the months of June through September we can often be very heavily booked for window cleaning, so call ahead and get a quote today

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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

Meet Some of the Team

We have a full-time staff who work to achieve the highest level of quality service and customer satisfaction. At Squeegee Pro, we strive to be the most friendly and professional window cleaners in costa mesa ca. From our office staff to the cleaners at your home, everyone is a local and want you to have the best experience with our service.

window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners rosendoROSENDOMotivated By: My Kids

I love my kids and enjoy watching them grow. I believe you make a statement with the quality of your work.

window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners victor o.VICTOR O.Loves To: Travel

I enjoy meeting all the cool people and seeing the awesome homes. My passion is traveling the world, and riding my motorcycle.

window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners AlbertALBERTMotivated by: Family

I like that what we do is detail work, window cleaning is usually the finishing touches on the homes we visit.

window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners victor cVICTOR C.Favorite Passtime: Soccer

I think most of this job is common sense and sweet, but the real skill comes in knowing to keep track of the details, that take the quality of the work to the next level.

window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners paul k.PAUL K.Motivated By: Passion

I'm studying to be a diesel mechanic, and have enjoyed the opportunity that Squeegee Pro has given me to see the county.

window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners Chris GCHRIS G.Hobby: Fixing My Car

I was born and raised in Costa Mesa, I like it when we service the home of someone I know.

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New to the team and excited to be here

Orange County Squeegee Pro SadieSADIEOur Office Dog

Sadie has been with us for over 6 years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach.

Our Full Services

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The inside of each window is cleaned using a 3-step process: Scrubbing using a low allergen soap, squeegee’d using scratch-reducing silicon squeegees, and all edges of the glass are carefully detailed with lint-free cloths.

squeegee pro window cleaning orange county exterior window cleaning


The exterior of each window is cleaned using a 5-stage De-ionized cleaning system. At the end we apply a spot free rinse to each window to ensure we don’t leave a residue that could attract dust, and gives more longeviety to the cleaning.

squeegee pro window cleaning orange county screen cleaning


Screens are removed, depending on how soiled the screen is it will be brushed or we will use a detergent. We try to not over-clean screens it can wear the mesh over time.

squeegee pro window cleaning orange county track detailing


Our final detail includes a thorough wipe down of the window sills with a clean microfiber cloth to compliment your freshly cleaned and sparkling window glass. We also offer a Track Detailing Options for tracks needing extra attention.

Walnut Window Cleaning Upgrades and Add-Ons

Get a free quote for window cleaning service in Walnut today and enjoy smear-free windows. Scheduling an appointment for Walnut Window Cleaning is as simple as calling Squeegee Pro at (866) 956-7936, and speaking with one of Jocelyn, Liz or Paul. We will be happy to provide an accurate estimate based on the information you provide and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.


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Orange County Squeegee Pro Pressure Washing Siding


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Squeegee Pro Orange County California Solar Panel Cleaning


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window cleaning orange county and pressure washing service squeegeepro cleaners victor o.

"I just enjoy being outside, and physical. Helping customers is what I love!" - Victor O.

We’re Squeegee Pro the Premier Coast Mesa Window Cleaner!

There are a lot of windows to cleaning Walnut, and when you’re looking for a great Walnut window cleaner, you don’t need to look farther than Squeegee Pro.

The Experienced Walnut Window Cleaning

At Squeegee Pro we have over 21 years of experience cleaning windows in Walnut. We’ve serviced Walnut since the first day we opened. We believe this experience has helped us get to know all the unique developments of Walnut.

Prices for Walnut Window Cleaning

Prices for window cleaning in Walnut vary based on several factors.

  • Number of windows
  • Number of Stories
  • Type of Glass
  • Construction Debris or not?

Generally, the minimum charge for Walnut window cleaning is $150, but some larger homes can be much more.


Small Homes


$150 - $250


$250 – $389

Large Homes


$400 – $595

Largest Houses


$600 - $1300+

Window Cleaners in Walnut: What to Look For:

When it comes to working with window cleaners in Walnut, what should you know before you call for a quote? The truth is, not all window cleaning companies are created equal. At SqueegeePro, we can clean the interior and exterior of your windows, as well as window tracks and skylights. We can also just clean the exterior if you prefer. In cleaning the interior of your windows, we can also clean screens and blinds, as these can collect and retain dirt easily. In fact, you may be surprised at just how much light your newly cleaned windows let in after having them cleaned professionally by SqueegeePro!

You’ll want to look for an Walnut window cleaner that can handle high places and angles safely. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured against possible accidents, giving you peace of mind against accidental slips and falls. We understand the dangers of working in high places, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t make your higher floor windows any less clean! Trust the experts in Walnut window cleaning: Trust SqueegeePro!

A History of Excellence and a Proven Track Record

One of the best reasons to consider SqueegeePro’s Walnut window cleaning services is our proven track record. We’re dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction every step of the way. With over twenty years of superior service and attentiveness to every need our customers have, we work hard to deliver flawless results that you’ll be proud to show off. As a family-owned and operated business, we have decades of experience providing an incredible clean that you can see, and that emanates throughout a room, adding ambiance and light that’s warm, comfortable and inviting.

Walnut Window Cleaning that Gets the Tough Stuff Out!

In addition to a flawless clean, we can remove stubborn, stuck-on dirt and grime that a simple glass cleaner and a paper towel can’t touch. If you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed but just can’t seem to cut through the crud, give the experts at SqueegeePro a call and let our Walnut window cleaning professionals come to you with all the tools and equipment needed to safely and professionally clean your windows (both inside and out, or outside only if desired) as well as the frames and window tracks. Dirt and debris buildup over time can make your windows function in a less than optimal way, causing them to stick or simply look dirty and worn down. We use only the best and safest cleaners to ensure a result that you’ll have to see to believe!

Because we’re a family owned company, we understand what it means to embrace honesty, reliability and old fashioned values. We take great care of your home, including your possessions if we are moving items inside your home to clean your windows. We treat your home as if it were our own, taking the utmost care to clean your windows and deliver a dazzling clean that you’ll marvel at. It’s so much more than just a simple clean…It’s a SqueegeePro clean!

Over time, dirt, grime, salt and other common pollutants can mar your windows and make them look as if they have a film on them that’s impossible to remove with standard cleaners. And even then, you’d need more than just a ladder to reach the highest places. If your windows are located in particularly tricky areas, don’t subject yourself to the risk of injury! Let SqueegeePro’s team of experienced Walnut window cleaners help you enjoy a safer clean that removes stuck on dirt and gunk while making your windows positively brilliant. We use the latest technology to safely clean windows even in high places that other window washers in Walnut can’t reach!

We know you take clean windows seriously, and so do we! We put our heart (and a bit of elbow grease) into ensuring that you have the cleanest possible results — windows that truly shine. Just don’t be surprised if you receive compliments on how much brighter and even how much cleaner your home looks. Letting in more natural light has that effect on an entire room! We take safety very seriously and are committed to ensuring the best possible results and quality in the shortest amount of time. We know you need your windows to look great, which is why we recommend working with the best window washer in Walnut: SqueegeePro!

Did you know that we do more than just window cleaning? It’s true! We also clean gutters and handle pressure washing of stucco, decks and patios. We can also pressure wash your driveway and walkway, revealing a brilliant clean that’s startlingly refreshing! We can also use our superior cleaning techniques and tools to safely and effectively clean solar panels too. So if you’re ready to enjoy greater energy savings as well as a stunningly beautiful and more inviting home both inside and out, put the best Walnut window cleaners to work for you today by calling SqueegeePro!

Not all Walnut window washers are created equal, and not all Walnut window cleaning companies can give you the superior clean and unsurpassed attention your windows deserve the way that SqueegeePro can. With years of expertise cleaning windows of all shapes, sizes and types, we know what works best on glass, without harming the exterior or interior, or without leaving small, microscopic abrasive holes where new dirt and grime can take root. Simply put, we know windows, and we know the best way to clean them for a shine that lasts.

In addition, the solutions we use to clean your windows can help repel spots and stains from minerals found in rainwater as well as sprinkler systems. This allows your window’s shine and beauty to last longer than with convention window cleaning solutions!

Common Questions About Our Walnut Window Cleaning Services

Still have questions about our Walnut window cleaning solutions? We’re happy to answer them! Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received about window cleaning in Walnut:

Yes! We bring everything needed to properly clean your windows. If you’re interested in our detailed pressure washing services for your siding, driveway, walkway or patio, we can come to you fully equipped to professionally clean these areas as well.

This will depend on many factors, including how many windows you want cleaned as well as the size of the windows. When you make an appointment to have your windows cleaned, we can give you an approximate time frame for how long it will take to clean your windows.

The cost for window cleaning in Walnut depends on a number of factors and is determined on a case by case basis. We’re happy to provide you with a no obligation quote free of charge so you can have a better idea of the costs involved.

We actually use very little water to clean your windows, and we take care not to get any water on the floor or elsewhere in your home. We cover our shoes so as not to track in dirt and clean your windows thoroughly and professionally. As a result, all you’ll see is the brilliant shine and incredible clean!

Yes! We believe that in order to see the best possible results from your windows over the long term, that you schedule window cleaning services regularly from our Walnut window cleaners. Failing to have your windows professionally cleaned over time can cause dirt and stains to “set” into your windows, much in the same way that a grape juice or coffee stain might “set” into your clothing. When that happens, it may be difficult, if not impossible to fully remove the stain that has set into the glass. That’s why we recommend not only having your windows professionally cleaned a single time, but regularly throughout the year to help dissolve any buildup that can cause windows and frames to look dirty or dingy.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use dishwashing soap, which can leave a thin, but nevertheless visible “film” on your windows, making them look streaky and unattractive. We use a distinctive type of window cleaner that is safe on all types of glass and window frames and won’t leave behind streaks or residue, so you can be confident of a thorough clean that lasts!

Yes! Window screens are just as important as the windows themselves and we can also take care of properly cleaning your window screens to remove debris so that your screens themselves look brand new!

Yes! We only use biodegradable, earth-friendly cleaning products, because we believe in cleaner, greener windows!

If you need window cleaning in Walnut, or any of our other services including solar panel cleaning or pressure washing of your deck, patio, walkway, driveway or siding, simply give us a call or fill out the free form online and let us know more about what you need. We’re happy to provide you with an estimate for the work as well as answer any questions you may have about the process. Whether you choose to work with SqueegeePro for a one’time pressure washing of your deck or siding, or you choose to work with us on a regular basis for window cleaning in Walnut, we know you´ll be delighted and amazed at the results.

If you´re ready to take the next step and enjoy cleaner, more brilliant windows with a shine that adds light to any room, it’s time to put down the spray bottle of vinegar and stop fussing with paper towels. It’s time to call in the experts at SqueegeePro and see for yourself why we are the best window cleaners in Walnut.

Trust our dedication and attentiveness, as well as our techniques and innovations to deliver a pristine clean that fills your home with natural light in a way no other window cleaners can. Reveal your home’s true beauty with pressure washing that takes years off of your walkways, driveway, patios, and siding. Lower your energy costs with solar panel cleaning that allows more sun to be absorbed by your panels. It’s all possible with your Walnut window washers.

We invite you to get estimates from a variety of window cleaners in Walnut and surrounding areas, but make sure that one of those estimates comes from SqueegeePro. When it comes to price, service, and customer satisfaction, no one knows windows and cleaning like we do.

Don’t risk inferior window cleaning. Read our dozens of reviews from highly satisfied customers all around Walnut who have chosen SqueegeePro for all their window cleaning and pressure washing needs and then experience our dedication for yourself. We aim to please and from start to finish, you’ll know that we take great pride in our work. There’s no better compliment than earning your business!

Making Customers Happy

We are Liz and Paul and we thank you for checking out our website. We’ve owned and operated Squeegee Pro for over a decade, and with the help our fabulous crew of window cleaners, we’ve made Squeegee Pro the premium window cleaning company in Orange County.

Read about our service and give us a call at the office to get a quote and book your next window cleaning.


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We service all of Orange County, including Irvine as well as Long Beach, areas of Los Angeles and Claremont and select cities in San Bernardino County.

Starting in 2012 Squeegee Pro began offering window cleaning services to north eastern Los Angeles and Western San Bernardino county.


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