Hacienda Heights Roof Cleaning

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Hacienda Heights Roof Cleaning

hacienda height roof cleaning

This home sat in the shadow of the hills in Hacienda Heights, which is really nice when it is hot outside, but it shades the roof and creates a great breading ground for roof mold and algee. Never fear, Squeegee Pro Roof Cleaning is here!

Spring has sprung in Hacienda Heights, you’re probably at the home center on the weekends buying plants and throwing dirt around the yard, sprucing things up.  Have you looked up and noticed your roof lately?  You may be embarrassed at what you see.  Over the years, there may be a heavy build up of dirt, mold, and slime covering your roof, making it unsightly. Thankfully Squeegee Pro does professional roof cleaning.

roof cleaning results

Squeegee Pro Cleans Roofs With Great Results

We clean roofs all over Orange and Los Angeles County, including roof cleaning in Hacienda Heights. For over 13 years, we’ve been getting great results (see above!), all the while maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Cleaning tile roofs in Hacienda Heights is a pleasure, many of the homes have great views of downtown Los Angeles.

How To Clean A Roof Right!

Most importantly, we take great care when we are on the roof. There is a certain way to walk on roofs, and our employees who do roof cleaning are the most experienced folks we have. Before we begin the job, we always do a thorough inspection of the roof and take pictures.

Squeegee Pro follows strict Safety guidelines ensuring the safety of our employees, and we carry full liability and worker’s comp insurance, so you can rest assured that you are protected.

Your Roof Can Look Good Too

Don’t spend this year frowning at your roof, let it shine! Give us a call at 949-250-1340. We can answer all of your questions and meet all your roof cleaning needs.

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