Roof Cleaning in San Juan Capistrano

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Roof Cleaning in San Juan Capistrano

Roofs, roofs, and more roofs–and this roof in San Juan Capistrano really did need a cleaning. The home owners had just had a baby and they were interested in making the home look as good as possible. Many times we find that clay roof tiles (as opposed to concrete tiles) do not get as dirty, but these tiles were VERY dirty. Check out these pictures!

clean roof in SJC
dirty roof sjc 2

Half way through the roof cleaning

This roof had several previously chipped tiles. This is common in the contemporary “s” curve clay tiles. During our pre-cleaning inspection, we often find ill-attached (or even non-attached) tiles, hence the individual tiles can slide down and out of place. We come prepared with special roof tile adhesive and have extra tiles available if anything breaks during the cleaning. This type of roof is a real challenge to walk on–we want to double make sure that our roof fall suppression system is well rigged before we begin any work.

1/2 way through roof cleaning sjc

Roof Cleaning In San Juan Capistrano

Looking at the finished product, the results speak for themselves. You can see the roof cleaned up beautifully. Of course, it always helps when the home owners are such nice people! The roof was so dirty that it took us the entire day–from 8 AM to 6 PM–to complete, luckily we were able to finish the cleaning and clean-up in one full day.

After pictures of Roof SJC
After pictures of SJC roof

Getting the Roof Clean and finishing the job

As mentioned previously, sometimes roofers don’t attach the tiles very well. In the case of this roof, one of the edge tiles was not nailed and had only been glued when we went to clean it; hence it fell off and broke. Not to worry, we were able to put a replacement tile in its place. Squeegee Pro stands behind it’s work, unlike some other roof cleaning providers in Orange County, we don’t claim we never break tiles; we go to houses all the time where the roofers didn’t even attach all the tiles to the roof. Rather, our aim is to make it right.

If you are interested in getting your roof cleaned and are in San Juan Capistrano or anywhere in Southern California, give us a ring for a quote.

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