Cobweb Removal & Stucco Cleaning

Dirty cobwe-ridden home

One thing that we do a lot here at Squeegee Pro is clean the exterior stucco of homes. The home profiled in this blog post was covered in cobwebs. Cobwebs trapped bugs and dirt against the siding and made the home look much dirtier and decrepit than it really was. We worked hard to ensure a good result!

Dirty house we Cleaned

Cobwebs are hard to remove

We spent a lot of time using appropreiate tips and pressure to get ride of all these cobwebs. A cobweb brush alone wasn’t doing a good enough of a job. We then had to pressure clean down the stucco.

Cobweb covered house

We had to clean the gutters too

The gutters had been overflowing and getting dirt all over the sides of the house for years. After we cleaned out the gutters, we pressure cleaned off the gutter’s exteriors too.

If you need cobwebs removed or stucco pressure cleaned, just give us at call at Squeegee Pro.

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