Pressure Cleaning Garage Floor

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Pressure Cleaning Garage Floor


A Squeegee Pro client recently purchased a short sale property in Aliso Viejo for use as a rental. Unfortunately, as is the case with many short sale properties, the home had been neglected by the previous occupants. Squeegee Pro was hired to provide pressure cleaning of the garage floor. Squeegee Pro was also hired to pressure clean the patios, and walkways—in addition to cleaning all the windows, sills and tracks, and screens. Special care was taken to removing paint over-spray due to previous home improvement efforts gone awry.



Pressure Cleaning The Garage Floor
The difficulty of pressure cleaning a garage floor can be compounded due to oil stains and tire marks. In regards to the garage of this property, paint and dirt buildup due to years of neglect had resulted in embedded stains that could not be removed with normal cleaning. In the photo above, the floor is still drying after being pressure cleaned, but much of the embedded stains have been removed.

Concrete walkways after pressure cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Concrete Walkways And Patios
This property offered a nice view of the surrounding valley, but the green and brown buildup of moss and grime on the concrete proved distracting. Fortunately, the Squeegee Pro crew was able to make quick work of the distraction and return the attention to the view at hand.


Last, But Not Least, The Windows…
Many of the property’s windows had paint over-spray and required additional scraping and construction removal that was above-and-beyond the regular high quality Squeegee Pro full service window cleaning. All-in-all, while this short term sale property proved to present challenges, the Squeegee Pro team was able restore the property’s original appeal and highlight the charming aspects of the home. We can help restore the appeal and highlight the charm of your home with our window and power cleaning services. Just give Squeegee Pro a call.