Commercial Office Chandelier Cleaning Irvine

When it comes to full-service chandelier cleaning services you can trust, call Squeegee Pro. Our professional chandelier cleaning experts are second to none when it comes to experience, dedication to craft, and knowledge of all shapes and sizes of lighting fixtures. We have cleaned every type of chandelier in a variety of commercial settings. Our team has the expertise and know-how for working on the most ornate and delicate lighting fixtures, regardless of the type, condition, or age.

Chandeliers can be very challenging to clean. They can get so dirty because nobody wants to clean them! The difficulty cleaning chandeliers is due to the fact they may be installed from high ceilings or inside rooms where flooring and carpet can become easily scuffed or damaged with even a light amount of foot traffic. Chandeliers are also fragile, and great care is required to avoid damage.  The staff at Squeegee Pro have cleaned fragile light fixtures in hotels, banquet rooms, government buildings, conference rooms, retail spaces, and many private homes where attention to detail is paramount. Our safety-conscious technicians are fully equipped to do the work right the first time.

No matter where your chandeliers are located, Squeegee Pro can handle the job at a price that’s affordable for any budget.

What Types of Chandeliers Do We Service?

While most commercial spaces may have crystal chandeliers installed for lighting rooms of all shapes and sizes, Squeegee Pro has cleaned and preserved a wide range of popular styles and materials. Cleaning a chandelier is not easy. Many of these fixtures can become easily damaged if the work is performed by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Chandeliers are fragile and built in complex designs that pose a challenge to anyone who lacks the experience and expertise to take every precaution in restoring the fixture’s beautiful appearance.

The major chandelier brands and manufacturers suggest that your fixtures are professionally cleaned in order to protect them from becoming shattered or damaged. It is highly recommended that you hire a cleaning team with the equipment and experience to tackle the toughest and most complicated lighting fixtures.

Our team at Squeegee Pro has worked with all types of chandeliers:

Crystal Chandeliers

While crystal is the most common type of chandelier out there, it’s also the toughest and most delicate type of chandelier we service. Crystal requires careful attention to detail and delicate work to avoid damage. This is particularly important for chandeliers that have been left uncleaned for years. All of that neglect can lead to significant grime and dust build-up that makes the job more difficult. Crystal chandeliers require routine maintenance because thick layers of dust not only dull the shine and appearance of the fixture but also pose greater challenges for cleaning the chandelier without damaging it.

Blown Glass Chandeliers

Blown glass chandeliers are often custom products that are truly one of a kind. If your commercial chandelier cleaning service doesn’t have the experience working with custom-blown glass, you could be putting that one-of-a-kind lighting fixture at risk. Replacing a custom piece such as a blown glass chandelier can become extremely expensive. It is highly recommended that you have custom fixtures cleaned by professionals who are experts at the task.

Modern Chandeliers

The modern chandelier poses a set of unique challenges to ensure the fixture is thoroughly cleaned. These chandeliers may be a combination of different materials and extremely complicated design patterns that make them very difficult to work with in any setting. Small crevices, detailed surfaces, and an assortment of obstacles that exist for preserving the condition of the fixture are just some of the things to consider when attempting to clean a modern chandelier.

Metal Chandeliers

Chandeliers that have been manufactured from metals also pose specific challenges to ensuring the work is performed properly. Leaving any moisture on a metal chandelier could cause damage to the surface and with a combination of metal and glass that makes up these types of fixtures, having the right cleaning service do the job is extremely important for protecting the chandelier. Our technicians have worked with brass chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers, and other various types of metals. We have the expertise and experience to clean your fixtures properly.

Protecting Your Commercial Space

Chandeliers and other types of expensive lighting fixtures are often located in hard-to-reach places in most commercial settings. This lighting is often installed in rooms with high ceilings and chandeliers hanging as high as fifteen or twenty feet from the floor.

Cleaning these fixtures requires the use of lifts or ladders that are going to be placed on floors and carpets that could become scuffed or otherwise damaged without caution. Our team takes the time to protect all walls, furnishings, and flooring to prevent scratches or other forms of damage. Just another reason why Squeegee Pro is the commercial chandelier cleaning service you can trust. Give us a call and tell us how we can help your commercial lighting look its best!