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Has a spider infestation draped your home in unsightly cobwebs? Is your driveway marred by tire marks and automotive leaks? Does the dirt that’s accumulated on your patio track into your home? We’re here to help!

  • Knowledgeable and Trained Staff
  • Touch-Up Cleaning of windows soiled from Pressure Washing.
  • Waste Water Remediation
  • Up to 4,200 PSI for the toughest jobs
Customer Reviews

We are intensely focused on customer satisaction. We routinely run contests for our employee to see who can give the highest satisfaction to our customers with our pressure washing work. With over 15,000 customers serviced in the last 21 years, we've developed a loyal following, but we are still accepting new customers as well!

Please note in the months of June through September we can often be very heavily booked for pressure washing, so call ahead and get a quote today

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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

Meet Some of the Team

We have a full-time staff who work to achieve the highest level of quality solution and customer satisfaction. At Squeegee Pro, we strive to be the most friendly and executive window cleaners in costa mesa ca. From our office staff to the cleaners at your home, everyone is a local and want you have the best experience with our solutions.



I love my kids and enjoy watching them grow. I believe you make a statement with the quality of your work.



I was born and raised in Costa Mesa, I like it when we service the home of someone I know.



I like that what we do is detail work, window cleaning is usually the finishing touches on the homes we visit.



I think most of this job is common sense and sweet, but the real skill comes in knowing to keep track of the details, that take the quality of the work to the next level.

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I'm studying to be a diesel mechanic, and have enjoyed the opportunity that Squeegee Pro has given me to see the county.



Sadie has been with us for over 6 years. She was a rescue from Home 4 Ever Rescue in Newport Beach.

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"Like we live there is how I clean!" - Albert

Mission Viejo Pressure Washing

From cleaning roofs to getting rid of oil stains on driveways, from fixing pavers to tidying up mildewed patios, we can do it all. If any events you are in need of this pressure washing service in Mission Viejo area, don’t hesitate to reach out at 866-956-7936. We are happy to serve you.

Pressure Washing Is Effective, Environmentally Friendly, and Safe

Squeegee Pro is proud to be your go-to source for Mission Viejo pressure washing. We can clean up just about anything around your home, as long as it is a hard surface and is structurally sound. We also like to boast the most friendly and professional service technicians in the county. We work hard to train our employees to explain the service in-detail and to give customers realistic ideas of how a pressure cleaning can improve the appearance of a home.

Pressure Washing Mission Viejo:
What to Know Before You Choose a Pressure Washing Company

All around Mission Viejo, there’s one pressure washing company that people recommend time and time again: SqueegeePro. And it’s more than our diligent and professional pressure washing services that people love. All across the area, residents of Mission Viejo count on us to deliver high quality, superior results that ordinary cleaning simply can’t compare to.

From pressure washing for large areas to small, tight crevices, you can count on our experts to handle it all, professionally and seamlessly, delivering a flawless clean that you can trust.

Pressure Washing Mission Viejo FAQ

When it comes to pressure washing in Mission Viejo, it’s important to work with a company that you can trust. For over 20 years, SqueegeePro has been a family-founded and family oriented company, emphasizing values of honesty, reliability and reputable service. We understand that there are many choices for pressure washing in Mission Viejo, which is why we’re happy to take the time to answer

The amount you pay for pressure washing Mission Viejo will depend on the area to be pressure washed as well as the material and time it takes to wash it. If you look for pricing for pressure washing in the area, you’ll likely see all kinds of rates ranging from very cheap to very expensive. How do you know which is accurate and trustworthy?

The truth is that not all pressure washing companies in Mission Viejo are created equally. We recommend contacting companies around the area, including SqueegeePro to get a fast, free, no obligation quote for your pressure washing project to determine the best choice for your needs. Ask about their pressure washing process and to see reviews and testimonials. Don’t rely on just the cheapest option, because oftentimes you get what you pay for.

Pressure washing not only helps your home look clean and beautiful, it can restore and make old material look new again. Oftentimes, wooden decking, concrete walkways and driveways can look dirty and dingy over time thanks to things like dust and dirt, but also moisture, oil, grease and other materials, all coming together in a natural gunk that sticks to surfaces and is stubborn and hard to get rid of.

Pressure washing helps to remove this dirt and grime safely and effectively, keeping the area clean and free of debris and helping to prevent the buildup of mold and mildew as well as dirt. Many residents in Mission Viejo choose SqueegeePro to pressure wash their home, walkways, driveway, decking and other exterior areas every season, ensuring that their home always looks its best in any weather!

Yes! Many people use these terms interchangeably but they are actually different. Power washing is designed for larger areas, as well as sturdy, heavy-duty materials that can withstand the hot, high powered water jets. Concrete like driveways and large walkways benefit from power washing, as do areas of masonry and brick.

Pressure washing is better for smaller areas like walkways, siding and decking. Although it is gentler than power washing it does not mean that it doesn’t get the outside of your home any less clean than power washing. It’s a different approach, but you still benefit from the same, deep down powerful clean.

Absolutely! Pressure washing helps make your home go from looking worn, run down, dingy or dirty to looking beautiful, clean, and new. Don’t be surprised if friends or neighbors comment on your home, asking if you put down a new walkway, decking or new siding. That’s how clean pressure washing from SqueegeePro can get your home.

In fact, we have customers that continue to call us back over the course of a year to provide regular pressure washing for their home. If you want to create a great first impression that gets your home looking flawless from top to bottom, count on our pressure washing Mission Viejo services for a pristine clean that can’t help but be noticed.

Yes! Pressure washing can remove mold and regular pressure washing services can prevent it from coming back. Bleach may discolor or warp certain materials, so when working with a pressure washing company, it’s important to work with experienced companies who know how to handle different types of materials and surfaces. With over 20 years of experience handling all types of surfaces and cleaning even in the tightest or hard to reach spaces, there’s a reason why Mission VIejo residents trust SqueegeePro for top notch service every time!

If you have questions about the cleaning solutions we use for different situations, we invite you to ask us and learn more. Trust in our expertise and call us today to learn more!

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend having regular pressure washing done each season to benefit from a deep clean for the exterior of your home. Because Mission Viejo has a temperate climate, it’s perfectly safe and acceptable to pressure wash in the winter. In fact, many of our clients contact us in the winter because the buildup of leaves, pine needles and other debris can discolor and stain surfaces, and they simply need it gone.

With that being said, the holidays are a popular time to search for pressure washing Mission Viejo, so if you’re interested in having pressure washing done this winter, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

About SqueegeePro

For decades, we’ve been the trusted pressure washing company in Mission Viejo and surrounding areas. Our diligent service, experienced pressure washing professionals and commitment to your complete satisfaction make us a top rated company year after year for all your pressure washing and power washing needs. Family owned and operated, we bring old fashioned values, like honesty, reliability and reputability to every job we undertake. No project is too large or too small for our experts. Let us show you how clean your home can truly be!

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We Love Pressure Washing Mission Viejo Homes & Businesses!

From Woodbridge, to the Mission Viejo Spectrum, and everything in-between, our power washing professionals service the entire city Mission Viejo homes can get pretty dirty, especially from spider webs, and dust blowing around. When we pressure clean your home we don’t only clean the siding, stucco, and exterior walls of your home, we wash the glass too! No sense in pressure cleaning and leaving the windows dirty.

  • Stucco, Aluminum, Wood, Composite, all of it can be cleaned.
  • You won’t believe how clean your home can be!
  • Did we mention that when we Pressure Wash we also clean the outside glass (using real processes, not pressure washers)
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We Pressure Wash All Types Of Decks

Wood decks including Trex deck and other composite decking materials commonly used for Pressure Washing on Mission Viejo and Orange County can be pressure washed with our service. We used special tips designed for use with each material type, and adjust the pressure applied to ensure that the surface is cleaned as deeply as possible without degradation.

  • Trex Deck, Wood Decks It doesn’t matter they all clean up!
  • No harsh chemicals that can destroy plants
  • The improvement can be hard to believe!
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Concrete Surfaces: Driveways, Walkways, Patios

Driveways and walkways take up a large amount of the real estate in the front of your home. They are used everyday, and can get very dirty. We focus on bringing brightness and cleanliness back to your walkways and driveways through our pressure washing service. We serve all of Mission Viejo, and can be to your home tomorrow! Like with the rest of our pressure cleaning service, if we soil an exterior window during the service we will clean it up, and we also sequester and handle waste water properly.

  • Driveway both brick and Concrete!
  • Walkways and Patios of every shape and size!
  • Stone and Concrete Pavers too!
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Making Customers Happy

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Orange County.

Read about our service and give us a call at the office to get a quote and book your next window cleaning.


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