Commercial Pressure Washing Fountain Valley

Should You Hire a Commercial Pressure Washing Service?

Great question. The answer is yes! Many commercial real estate owners don’t consider having their buildings cleaned until after the dirt, mold, mildew, and debris have built up and impacted the curb appeal of the property. These contaminants are not only ugly but they can start to do some serious damage to the exterior of the building. That’s why you should hire a commercial pressure washing service like Squeegee Pro — before all that dust and grime becomes a major nuisance.

What is Pressure Washing?

We use commercial grade equipment with up to 6 gallons per minimum (6 GPM), and 5,000PSI. While the regulators on these machines can allow for an adjustment of the pressure depending on the type of work necessary from below 1,000 psi to maximum pressure. The end result is always the same: a clean and renewed appearance of your commercial property.  The high-powered force is exceptionally good at removing everything from paint to grime that has been caked on your building’s exterior walls for months or even years.

Which Surfaces are Safe for Pressure Washers?

We clean a wide variety of exterior surfaces to give your commercial property a whole new look and maintain that appearance with regular follow-up appointments that you can set at your convenience. Commercial pressure washing uses higher power water flow to clean away every square inch of stubborn dirt and grease stains caused by the surrounding pollutants of a high-traffic environment in urban city centers.

The cleaning power of pressurized water is unmatched in its efficacy and long-lasting results. But to ensure that a superior cleaning job is done right, you want the commercial pressure washers with the experience and expertise to do the work safely and properly.

That’s why Squeegee Pro checks the integrity of the exterior surfaces to be cleaned before starting the work. Any surfaces that are damaged or in need of renovation may not be suitable for water flow at the psi ratings needed to eliminate years of neglected dirt, oil, and all manner of hardcore gunk. Sometimes the surface may have invisible issues that make it so we cannot effectively clean them.

We handle all types of exterior surfaces made from brick, stucco, concrete, wood, asphalt, you name it. We clean roofs, decks, fences, walkways, driveways, even solar panels and all those other hard to reach places that often get overlooked.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

We believe that good maintenance and routine upkeep are the best ways to preserve the appearance of your commercial property. Removing dirt and grime from your building’s exterior surfaces is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it can also prevent the infestation of vermin, keep those who work in and around the building healthy, and even extend the lifespan of the property.

A deep cleaning can make all the difference when you’re caring for your commercial real estate.

Increased Curb Appeal

Looks matter in the commercial leasing industry. Attracting prospective clients to your office space or retail space is the lifeblood of your business. Without tenants, you’re not making money and no one wants to lease space from a property that looks unkempt, dirty, and forgotten. Commercial pressure washing can give your building a whole new appearance. Current tenants will be proud to remain in the space for the long haul and new tenants will consider moving in.

Protect Your Property

Pressure washing the exteriors of the building can remove dirt and other abrasive particles that can lead to cracks and other damage that can mar the materials of those surfaces. One tiny crack can result in a bigger crack developing, water and moisture causing further damage underneath that crack, and weakening the integrity of the building materials. The cost of repairing this damage can be considerably more expensive than hiring Squeegee Pro to keep your exterior clean.

Public Health and Safety

Pressure washing can eliminate contaminants such as mold, mildew, and other unhealthy elements that have been shown as harmful to public health. This includes vermin infestations like bugs and rodents that can become attracted to the property and allow bacteria to thrive in cracks and crevices that remain neglected. No one wants to spend any time in a commercial space that is also home to all types of vermin, bugs, and bacteria.

Save Money

Every job is different and so the cost of the work can vary based on the size of the property, the extent of the dirt and grime that needs to be removed, and many other important factors that play a role in pricing. However, we trust you will find our prices are not only competitive but also less expensive when compared to the cost of repairs and renovations after a building’s exterior surface has been left unaddressed for too long. Think of commercial pressure washing as a long-term investment in keeping your property at peak performance.