Corona Del Mar Window Cleaning

orange county window cleaningCorona Del Mar, one lovely place to clean windows. We’ve cleaned windows on most every street in Corona Del Mar, and excel meeting the challenges of tight lot lines.

Many companies don’t know how to work around Corona Del Mar’s think tall homes, but we’ve been cleaning windows on these homes for 20 years. Before each service we’ll call you to confirm the appointment, and after our crew finishes they will ask you to review the work to make sure you are satisfied. We’ll even call you when we are finished to double check!

Our favorite thing to do in Corona Del Mar is two fold. We love going down to the beach when time permits, and if it doesn’t then at least to grab a bite at the Panini Kabob Grill! We strive for a high level of detail in our cleaning and try to point everything out to you that might be of importance.

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An exclusive three-step cleaning procedure is used to clean the interior of the window. The first step is to scrape the surface of the glass with our unique low-allergen cleaning soap. Step two involves using silicon squeegees to scratch-reduce the window. In Step three, the windowpane's four sides are meticulously cleaned using lint-free cloths.

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The exterior of the glass is cleaned using a five-stage de-ionized procedure that is finished with a spot-free washing that won't leave a filmy residue. Because there is no chance of gathering dust and debris, the window looks cleaner for a lot longer.


With each window, we give it our whole attention. In addition, the screens need to be cleaned, so they will be gently taken off and inspected. In most cases, we attempt to brush the screen clean, but in the case of caked-on dirt, we use a specialist detergent to return your window screen to its original state. To avoid wearing down the mesh over time, we try not to wipe screens too frequently.

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After providing the necessary care for the windows and screens, the window sills are meticulously cleaned using a clean microfiber cloth and when it comes to window tracks that require some upkeep and attention, they can also get track detailing.

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We can usually give you a quote right over the phone, and all our service technicians are real employees covered by worker's compensation.

Corona Del Mar Window Cleaning Upgrades and Add-Ons

Get a free quote for window cleaning service in Corona Del Mar today and enjoy smear-free windows. Squeegee Pro proudly serves the Orange County community of Corona Del Mar with professional window cleaning service, as well as our other high quality services. Corona Del Mar boasts fine beaches, tide-pools, cliff-side views, and quaint village shops. What better way to enjoy the community sights and generally pleasant weather of the fine Southern California beach than through the clean and clear windows of your Corona Del Mar residence or business.

We’re Squeegee Pro, the Premier Orange County Window Cleaner!

We have cleaned a lot of windows in Orange County over the past two decades and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. When you need a Orange County window cleaner that has the knowledge and skill to deliver on the promise of a long-lasting shine every time, look no further than Squeegee Pro.

Experienced Orange County Window Cleaning

At Squeegee Pro we have over 21 years of experience cleaning windows in Orange County and we have served the greater Orange Country from the first day we opened for business.. Let us show you how our expertise and attention to detail can make a big difference in your windows.

Rates for Orange County Window Cleaning

Prices for window cleaning in Orange County can vary based on several important factors.

  • Number of windows that need cleaning
  • Height of the building
  • Type of window glass
  • Any construction debris or other obstacles

Choosing an Executive Window Cleaner in Orange County

The task of selecting the right window cleaner for your home or office in Orange County can be a challenging task. You want a company that does the job right the first time, every time, and at a price you can afford. You want Squeegee Pro.

Window Cleaners in Orange County:
What to Look For

There are plenty of companies out there who want your business. But not all window companies are created equal. Our team at Squeegee Pro go the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. That's because we offer a comprehensive menu of window washing services that put the other guys to shame. These include more than just the interior and exterior of every window in your residential or commercial property, we do window tracks and skylights, window screens and even your window treatments like blinds and shades. Anything that can pick up dirt, soot, grime, and muck in and around your windows.

Hiring the right window cleaners in Orange County also means having the best team of professionals who know how to stay safe when working at high elevations. Our window washers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured against accidental slip and fall incidents. We understand the dangers of working in these high risk environments, but that doesn’t mean your higher floor windows are any less clean when the job is done. Trust the experts in Orange County window cleaning. Call Squeegee Pro today for a free estimate to get your windows clean no matter how high they might be.

A History of Excellence and a Proven Track Record

Squeegee Pro is a family-owned and operated window cleaning business with a proven track record in Orange County. We have earned the loyalty of our customers by providing them with complete and total satisfaction when it comes to cleaning windows. If ever something is not right, we fix it. Fast. That's just one of the many reasons we are considered so trustworthy. Only our team of in-house personnel will ever come to visit your home to perform the window cleaning duties you've requested. A support staff that you can rely on to thoroughly address your concerns and manage your account. We do not work with third-party independent contractors. Everyone you deal with at Squeegee Pro has been fully vetted and insured to protect your home and business.

Orange County Window Cleaning that Gets the Tough Stuff Out!

Window glass can accumulate a lot of stubborn, stuck-on dirt and grime that your normal everyday glass cleaner simply won't cut through. This is especially true for windows that haven't been cleaned in months or even years. The location of the windows can also have a bearing on how much gunk gets layered on over time. For example, homes and office buildings that are located near freeways typically have tougher build-up from road tar and car exhaust that collects over time and only professional cleansers and equipment will be strong enough to cut through the tough stuff. It's not just the aesthetics either, dirty windows can also become less functional, causing them to stick in place when you want to open them and let the fresh air in. We use only the best and safest cleaners to ensure a result that you’ll have to see to believe!

More than Just Window Cleaning in Orange County

Did you know that we do more than just window cleaning? It’s true! We also clean gutters, pressure wash decks, stucco, patios, driveways, and walkways to reveal a brilliant clean that's refreshing to behold. We can even clean solar panels! Squeegee Pro uses only the best equipment and superior cleaning techniques to make the windows (and more) of Orange County look as clean and brand new as the day they were installed. Our bonded and insured team can make your Orange County home more appealing both inside and out. Call today for a free quote!

Why Should I Have My Windows Cleaned by a Orange County Window Cleaning Service?

The Squeegee Pro difference is easy to see when you hire our team to revitalize and refresh the windows of your home or office. We can handle any shape of window, any size, any window glass type, because we are the experts in Orange County. Our cleaning solutions not only clean the window surface but also help to repel hard water stains that can be left by rainwater and sprinkler systems. Those water spots you see on your windows are a result of the minerals that exist in the droplets. When the droplets dry, a stain is left behind and those can be tough to remove if left behind too long. Our cleansers can help prevent future stains and spots from marring the look of your window glass.

No matter how strong or delicate, our team of cleaning technicians know what works best on glass without harming the surface by leaving behind microscopic abrasions that collect dirt, gunk, and grime. We know windows and we know the best way to clean them.

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"Like we live there is how I clean!" - Albert

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