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Thanks for checking out our OC pressure washing service page. Has a spider infestation draped your home in unsightly cobwebs? Is your driveway marred by tire marks and automotive leaks? Does the dirt that’s accumulated on your patio track into your home? We’re here to help! We can pressure wash many surfaces around your home to great effect.

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Driveway Pressure Washed

We Pressure Clean All Kinds of Surfaces


Concrete Surfaces: Driveways, Walkways, Patios...

From one end of Orange County to another we can pressure wash almost any concrete surface around your property. Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove many of the substances that build up over time. Since we are so close to the ocean and have many overcast mornings, it’s easy for slime to build up on concrete. When necessary, we use water remediation to comply with Orange County power washing and waste water run-off regulations. Our Orange County power washing services include:

  • Driveways

  • Walkways and Patios

  • Stone Pavers, and Brick

Stucco & Siding Cleaning

Power washing the whole house is a great add-on to window cleaning or makes a perfect stand alone service. Brighten up your home’s overall appearance! Our gentle pressure washing of home removes cobwebs under eaves, dust and dirt build-up, and other surface dirt. Here’s more info about our pressure washing OC services that focus on stucco and siding:

  • Almost any home siding type can be cleaned
  • Removes dirt debris and other soiling
  • We include a free exterior glass wash with our pressure washing!
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Wood or Composite Decks Pressure Washing

Wood decks including Trex deck and other composite decking materials commonly used in Orange County can be pressure washed with our service. We used special tips designed for use with each material type, and adjust the pressure applied to ensure that the surface is cleaned as well as possible without degradation.

  • Almost any home siding type can be cleaned
  • Removes dirt debris and other soiling
  • We include a free exterior glass wash with our pressure washing!
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Real Reviews, Real People

Well hey, it might seem obvious, but when you do a good job pressure washing in Orange County, you develop a lot of loyal happy customers. We always like to hear about what a great job we’ve done, and when people share that with the world we like that even more. There is just one thing we always ask: we are only human. If we need to come back, just call us!

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We had a great experience using Squeegee Pro! We don't have a ton of windows in our home, but some of them are located in our vaulted ceiling area making it...

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They were prompt and did a great job at a reasonable price. They cleaned up after themselves.
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Orange County Pressure Washing in action

We Pressure Clean Many Surfaces

Basically we can pressure clean most hard surfaces. From parking garages, to planter beds, pools surrounds, concrete and brick walls. Power washing is highly effective at removing mildew, mold, and some oils. If you are wondering if we can clean it, and you need power washing in Orange County then give us a ring and we’ll give it our best shot! We’re the experts, after all!

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We service all of Orange County, including Irvine as well as Long Beach, areas of Los Angeles and Claremont and select cities in San Bernardino County.

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