Pressure Washing in Orange County


Pressure cleaning brick walls.Are the clay tiles of your home’s roof being overrun by moss and algae? Has a spider infestation draped your home’s eaves in unsightly cobwebs? Is your driveway marred by tire marks and automotive leaks? Does the dirt that’s accumulated on your patio track into your home? Are you feeling the pressure to wash your home in a manner that may be too intense for your measly garden hose? The crew at Squeegee Pro is skillful with much more than just squeegees. Let Squeegee Pro handle your pressure cleaning and power washing needs.

The exterior of your home, including your roof, walls, and patios or decks, are forever at the mercy of ever-changing weather conditions and harsh elements. While your driveways and walkways are forever subjected to vehicular and/or foot traffic. It’s a harsh world outside and years of exposure add up and diminish your home’s appearance and appeal. Dirt, algae, moss, grease, chalk, tread marks, scuffs, spider webs, and bird droppings all add up to depreciate the visual appeal and value of your property.


  • Attention To Detail
  • Care For Your Property
  • The Right Tools For the Job
  • Up to 4200 PSI For The Tough Jobs
  • Knowledgeable And Trained Staff
  • Touch-Up Cleaning On Affected Windows
  • Effective Post Job Clean-Up


2. Safe and Effective Cleaning For Many Surfaces

Professional Pressure Cleaners at WorkWhen properly performed pressure cleaning is safe for use on a variety of surfaces. We use different tips and pressure settings depending on the surface being cleaned. Even surfaces that have some bad spots, such as water damaged stucco, peeling or bubbling paint can be pressure cleaned, if we run into these areas while pressure cleaning we will back off and go very lightly.

Pressure cleaning is very powerful and effective because unlike other types of cleaning it takes advantage of the difference in hardness between the surface and the soiling, causing it to be physically removed from the surface, as a result it requires less chemical use and is better for the environment.


Friendly Staff.

  • We never use independent contractors.
  • All of our employees are covered by workers compensation.
  • Our employees focus on always being safe.

Actual Squeegee Pro employees perform the pressure cleaning job each and every time. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we never use uninsured independent contractors. Pressure cleaning and power washing can be hazardous if not performed properly. If anything were ever to go wrong, you’ll be relieved that you didn’t go with an uninsured company, or one that uses independent contractors not covered for injury by workers compensation.


Attention to DetailWe pride ourselves on offering quality service and our standard pressure cleaning service should meet all of your needs and requirements. For those extremely stubborn cleaning jobs, we offer premium add-ons including additional hard scrubbing procedures and/or chemical applications to meet the task.

Squeegee Pro strives to provide our customers with real value for their money, and we will never charge more than the agreed upon price for all work signed off on.


Satisfaction with the job. You may have noticed the customer feedback on our site. We actively seek customer comments and feedback. Before our employees begin the pressure cleaning procedure, they’ll make sure you approve of the price and know what the service includes.

Should any problems occur during the pressure cleaning, our technicians will be sure to alert you, as well as answer any questions.  Finally, before wrapping up the job you will be asked to review the work done. Our staff will be happy to address any and all questions, comments, or concerns that may arise.

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