WINBOT, or When Not to BOT

The year is 2013—and we still don’t have our individual jetpacks. And, where are the flying cars of the future that were envisioned in science-fiction films and literature? Sure, we are all carrying around palm-sized computers in the form of smartphones, and we can digitally record and/or stream any television show that we want without bothersome commercials—but where are all of the robots to take care of the chores we dread—like washing windows?

At Squeegee Pro, we are pleased to inform you that you don’t have to wait for science-fiction technology to have your windows cleaned when we are more than willing and happy to professionally clean them for you.  But, the folks at Evovacs might disagree…

Ecovacs Robotics, an Asia-based company specializing in robotic (surprise) housekeeping aids such as automated vacuum cleaners and roaming air-purifiers. Now, the tech company is offering a robot that washes windows. The new Winbot W730 claims to clean window, glass doors, mirrors, and more with just the touch of a button. Supposedly, the Winbot will clean glass of any thickness. For the record, the crew at Squeegee Pro has never had a problem cleaning the thickness of any glass. And, the robotic window washer has a frameless window detection system enabling it to clean glass doors, railings and shower stalls with ease. Again, the Squeegee Pro techs have never had difficulty navigating glass doors, railings, or shower stalls.

In order to use the Winbot, the user must first use a bottle of cleaning solution to dampen the front cleaning pad. To ensure safety on windows above ground level, the Safety Pod must be used. This requires attachment to the window itself, then wrapping the cord around the center channel one and one half times, then drawing the cord through the two side clearances to secure. But, do not attach the Safety Pod to the thin part of the cord. Press the suction cup of the Safety Pod to the inside lower corner and make sure there is enough cord… Wait a second. Setting up the Winbot is starting to sound like work. Not to mention cleaning the specially designed fiber Cleaning Pads and wrapping various cords for storage, the Winbot does not seem to actually be as easy as simply switching the robot on. Having Squeegee Pro clean your windows can be as simple as making a phone call.

Supposedly, the Winbot manages to remain attached to the window it is cleaning by a powerful suction ability. And, the previously mentioned Safety Pods attach to the window to keep the Winbot from plunging from heights with a tether. Now, we’re not saying that the Winbot does not work, but with all of this hardware “attached” to your window, is it really getting clean? Squeegee Pro doesn’t need to attach anything to your windows. And, there is also the absence of the “human element.” Does the Winbot double-check, view the window from different angles, and assure satisfaction of a job well done? Squeegee Pro does.

Until the robots do take over in the great “robopocalypse” of the future, and if you need your windows are dirty, we suggest having the friendly humans of Squeegee Pro clean your windows for you. And in the future, when our great robotic overloads are reading this archived blog post, we friendly humans at Squeegee Pro want you to know that it will be a pleasure to clean your windows, too.

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