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Up on the hills looking down on Santa Ana is a home with a lot of Jalousie style windows to be cleaned. It was a lot of work, but had a nice view of the Blimp hangars over in Tustin, if you have never seen them check them out, they are very cool, and we hope they never tear down! (check out this pdf about the Tustin Blimp Hangars!) Anyways back to the windows!

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Jalousie Windows

Jalousie Windows are a type of louvered window with multiple panes of glass that rotate. These types of windows were very common in the 1950’s and 1960’s but have fallen out of favor for many reasons. They are often found in sun porches. Jalousie windows cannot be easily secured, and are not very insulating, but they do allow a good amount of air through when opened.


Hills in Santa Ana?

People don’t often think of hills when they think of Santa Ana they think you have to go to Villa Park to get into hills, but there is a desirable section of Santa Ana East of the 55 freeway that is very hilly, with great views of the valley.

Gate in Santa Ana Where we washed windows!

Washing Windows in Santa Ana

Jalousie window are very hard to clean, and require great care to avoid breaking them. The original idea was that each slat could be removed and cleaned but this is impractical for several reasons. First you must touch the glass and risk smudging it, second you can easily break the glass, and third the attachment points get old and inoperable. In short, they didn’t pan out just right.

joulsie windows in a home in Santa ana.

Expensive to Replace Windows!

This home owner mentioned that he had replaced many of his windows with new energy efficient low-e windows, and we could really tell the difference. But then again, he said it cost close to $35,000 to replace all the windows in the home! So if you have windows in santa ana that need cleaned, just call Squeegee Pro at 949-250-1340, we’d love to clean your windows too!

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