Welcome cake

It’s Friday, it’s pay day, it’s time to have some fun at work! This morning we celebrated four fantastic new employees who just joined the Squeegee Pro Team (pictured above).

From Left to Right,

  • Irvin is a friend of Rosendo, one of our best employees. Squeegee Pro is Irvin’s first “real” job and he is excited to be on board. He likes to be recognized with parties, so we thought a cake would do the trick.
  • Jesse is an Orange County native who LOVES cake (see pic below). He has a great attitude and a very professional demeanor.
  • Geovani (Paul is standing in for him because he was off today) is a father of two boys, ages 2 and 5. They keep him busy!
  • Tony is an Army vet with a big laugh and a can-do attitude. He graciously held the cake, which was quite heavy–you know those Costco cakes.

Rosendo in bunny ears
Rosendo, rocking the bunny ears.

We also took the time to do a brief training on pressure washing: a very popular service especially as our customers are calling for spring cleaning. However, our power washers are gas-powered machines which are heavy, noisy, and can be difficult to operate espeically if you don’t have experience with them.

Jesse enjoying cake
Jesse, in cake heaven.
Finally, we went over techniques for water remediation, which is a very important subject because cities do not allow waste water into the storm drains which drain to the ocean. Squeegee Pro maintains an industrial water vaccuum which sucks up dirty water on site, routing it to either a sewer clean out drain or the landscaping on the property. Although the vaccuum is not nearly as heavy or dangerous to operate as the power washers, it goes hand in hand with power washing and improves the customer experience for our great Squeegee Pro clients.


paul doing a training
Paul, instructing on power washing skills & water remediation.

hard water removal

Left: Before; Right: After Treatment.

Removing hardwater oxidation on window glass or shower doors is not the easiest task in the world. Depending on how long the substances have sat on the glass, it can be nearly impossible to get it off. Squeegee Pro employs several methods of hard water removal.

Removing Hardwater oxidation on glass or shower doors isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Depending on how long the stain has been on the glass it can be near impossible to get it off.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water with a high mineral concentration. Hard water is generally water with a lot of calcium and magnesium sulphates as well as chlorides, and sulfates. These minerals dissolve in water, and form cations.

Effects of Hard Water

Hard water can be very annoying. First it affects soaps ability to lather and soap forms soap scum instead. Hard water will also foul glass causing scaling

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water with a high mineral concentration. Hard water is generally water with a lot of calcium and magnesium sulphates as well as chlorides and sulfates. These minerals dissolve in water, and form calcification on surfaces on which they dry.

Effects of Hard Water

Hard water can be very annoying. It affects the soap’s ability to lather and soap forms scum instead. Hard water will also foul glass, causing scaling. Hard water deposits can eventually physically damage the outer layer of the glass.

Removing Hardwater Deposits

There are many products that claim to remove hardwater deposits, other recommend the use of lemon juice or vinegar. Most of these will give you marginal results. The best method to remove hard water is to use a quality glass buffer, mineral remover compound and polish which will physically buff out the minerals.

If you need hard water removed or glass restored be sure to contact Squeegee Pro at 949-250-1340. While sometimes we cannot remove it all, we generally can greatly reduce its appearance. We service the Los Angeles Metro Area and all of Orange County.

clean roof in SJC

Roofs, roofs, and more roofs–and this roof in San Juan Capistrano really did need a cleaning. The home owners had just had a baby and they were interested in making the home look as good as possible. Many times we find that clay roof tiles (as opposed to concrete tiles) do not get as dirty, but these tiles were VERY dirty. Check out these pictures!

dirty roof sjc 2

dirty roof in sjc


Half way through the roof cleaning

1/2 way through roof cleaning sjc


This roof had several previously chipped tiles. This is common in the contemporary “s” curve clay tiles. During our pre-cleaning inspection, we often find ill-attached (or even non-attached) tiles, hence the individual tiles can slide down and out of place. We come prepared with special roof tile adhesive and have extra tiles available if anything breaks during the cleaning. This type of roof is a real challenge to walk on–we want to double make sure that our roof fall suppression system is well rigged before we begin any work.

Roof Cleaning In San Juan Capistrano

Looking at the finished product, the results speak for themselves. You can see the roof cleaned up beautifully. Of course, it always helps when the home owners are such nice people! The roof was so dirty that it took us the entire day–from 8 AM to 6 PM–to complete, luckily we were able to finish the cleaning and clean-up in one full day.

After pictures of Roof SJC


You’ll notice that flat part in the previous pictures! what a difference.

After pictures of SJC roof

Getting the Roof Clean and finishing the job

As mentioned previously, sometimes roofers don’t attach the tiles very well. In the case of this roof, one of the edge tiles was not nailed and had only been glued when we went to clean it; hence it fell off and broke. Not to worry, we were able to put a replacement tile in its place. Squeegee Pro stands behind it’s work, unlike some other roof cleaning providers in Orange County, we don’t claim we never break tiles; we go to houses all the time where the roofers didn’t even attach all the tiles to the roof. Rather, our aim is to make it right.

If you are interested in getting your roof cleaned and are in San Juan Capistrano or anywhere in Southern California, give us a ring for a quote.

roof mold and lichen

A dirty roof is actually full of more than just dirt. Most dirty roofs are covered in various molds, algae, fungus, and lichen. If your roof was simply covered in dust, it would be very easy to clean, but due to the presence of the algae, mold and so forth cleaning a roof becomes much more involved. In this article we discuss some of the most common of these creatures.

Roof algae is most commonly Gloeocapsa magma (which isn’t even algae but a bacteria). Put most basically this bacteria phtolyze (eat) water and expel oxygen. It is responsible for creating the black staining on the roof. f cyanobacteria. Concrete roof tiles (very common in southern California) offer a attractive breading grounds for the algae. Concrete tiles have a more porous surface than clay tiles, it is like a English muffin, all the nooks and cranny create a great place for the algae to grown, they trap moisture and concrete can leach calcium carbonate which attractive to the algae. The black stain that you see is a build up of the algae and a protective UV coating that prevents the sun from burning off the Algae.

Beyond the mere fact that it doesn’t look so great to have a dirty black algae covered roof, the bacteria can actually granulate the surface of the tiles and in the case of concrete tiles reduce the color of the dye in the concrete. The Algae generally cause no permanent harm to true clay tiles.

Once the bacteria have become noticeable, the stains will continue to worsen year to year. There is debate over the actual harmfulness of this particular bacteria to roofs, as there is little supportive scientific research. However, most “experts” within the subject area conclude the bacteria to be harmful, if left untreated, as the growth holds moisture within shingles causing premature aging, rotting, and/or granule loss.

Roof Lichen

Roof Lichen are symbiotic organism where fungus and algae live in a dependent relationship, unfortunately their relationship can cause real damage to your roof. Lichen are sutborn and are very diffcult to remove, unlike the roof algae roof lichen are persistent and deeply adhered to the roof. Some homeowners attempt to use harsh acids or cleaning chemicals to remove the lichen but even if these due end up killing the lichen, the organism still remains deeply adhered to your roof.

 Lichen damage to tile roofs

Traditionally Lichen have been used to make dyes, and this may be one reason that lichen can actually remove the dye from concrete tiles. In the picture to the right you can see patches on the tile that are no longer red, this is from lichen that has removed the concrete dye from those areas. Sometimes we find roofs (especially in beach cities like Santa Monica, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach) where whole areas of the roof are covered in lichen, and much of the dye has been removed.

Removing Lichen

Chemicals and cleaners are mostly ineffective at removing lichen. The only real way to remove lichen it the use of a pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaners take advantage of the hardness difference between the lichen (soft) and the tile (harder), everything other than tile is able to be removed. While this does nothing to repair the dye removal, it will prevent the progression of the lichen. Luckily lichen take years to develop and will not return for a long time after the roof has been effectively cleaned.

Roof Moss

There are over 12,000 types of moss, most grown in clumps, and release spores into the air. You can control the growth of moss on your roof by ensuring that your roof properly drains so that water does not stay on your roof. Moss will generally only grown on the shady side of your roof. Moss can be killed with a selection of products from bleach, to zinc, and lime. The effectiveness of zinc is questionable (see this article)  The issue with moss is similar to that of Lichen, in that even once the moss is dead it will not be easily removed.

Roof moss is most destructive to composition (asphalt shingle) roofs. The moss causes premature degradation of the asphalt which can lead to leaking roofs. On tile roofs moss leaves behind a residue, and dark rings where each moss was growing.

hacienda height roof cleaning

This home sat in the shadow of the hills in Hacienda Heights, which is really nice when it is hot outside, but it shades the roof and creates a great breading ground for roof mold and algee. Never fear, Squeegee Pro Roof Cleaning is here!

Spring has sprung in Hacienda Heights, you’re probably at the home center on the weekends buying plants and throwing dirt around the yard, sprucing things up.  Have you looked up and noticed your roof lately?  You may be embarrassed at what you see.  Over the years, there may be a heavy build up of dirt, mold, and slime covering your roof, making it unsightly. Thankfully Squeegee Pro does professional roof cleaning.

roof cleaning results

Squeegee Pro Cleans Roofs With Great Results

We clean roofs all over Orange and Los Angeles County, including roof cleaning in Hacienda Heights. For over 13 years, we've been getting great results (see above!), all the while maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Cleaning tile roofs in Hacienda Heights is a pleasure, many of the homes have great views of downtown Los Angeles.

How To Clean A Roof Right!

Most importantly, we take great care when we are on the roof. There is a certain way to walk on roofs, and our employees who do roof cleaning are the most experienced folks we have. Before we begin the job, we always do a thorough inspection of the roof and take pictures.

Squeegee Pro follows strict Safety guidelines ensuring the safety of our employees, and we carry full liability and worker's comp insurance, so you can rest assured that you are protected.

Your Roof Can Look Good Too

Don't spend this year frowning at your roof, let it shine! Give us a call at 949-250-1340. We can answer all of your questions and meet all your roof cleaning needs.

cleaning windows

Here are seven simple ways to keep your windows from ever getting dirty in the first place. Ultimately, the best way to clean a window is to never get it dirty. While you cannot avoid some sources of soiling, you can prevent the most difficult to remove and costly types of soiling from ever occurring.

A dirty and disorganized home or workplace can make for a disheveled and unpleasant life, so look through the following resources to find the cleaning tips and support you need:

Taping off when painting.

Properly preparing to paint can take longer than the actual painting itself. Time and again, windows get covered in drops of paint, or even worse in a fine mist of paint which then clouds the window. Often this mist cannot be seen until the window is cleaned, and normal cleaning techniques will not remove it.

Use Proven Window Cleaning Methods.

Between major cleanings you can always use some tried the true techniques to keep your windows cleaner than they would be. This article covers eight tips for keeping your windows clean.

Adjust your sprinkler heads.

Adjust your sprinkler heads to prevent glass oxidation or hard water spots. Check out the video below for more on adjusting your sprinkler heads.

Change your furnace filter.

Believe it or not, when your indoor air is not properly filtered the dirt and dust in the air can put a unhealthy coating on the insides of your windows. Check out this article from filtersusa.com on how to change your filter.

Get your gutters cleaned.

Gutters help divert dirty water run-off from your roof from hitting your windows. Read this article on the importance of gutter cleaning. Also check out our gutter cleaning service.

Avoid putting stickers or adhesives on your windows.

Many windows especially in sunny climates like Southern California have tinting film. Adhesives on tinting film can be very difficult to remove and removing them can damage the film.

The Best Window Cleaning Tip

Hire a professional! If you need help with your home or office window cleaning, call the window cleaning professionals at Squeegee Pro at 949-250-130.

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