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Tile Roof Cleaning

Out of sight should not mean out of mind. Just because your home’s roof is up high from the ground, do not think that it does not get dirty. Your tile roof may be the filthiest portion of your home. Besides dirt and the buildup of leaves and/or pine needles, moss and mold can spread rampant if not kept in check. Squeegee Pro offers high quality roof cleaning that will not only help beautify your home, but prolong the life of your home’s room and aid in avoiding costly roof repair bills down the line. If you are looking for "professional roof cleaners" look no farther than the roof cleaners at Squeegee Pro!


  • Roof inspection for problems you may be unaware of.
  • Touch-up cleaning on affected windows.
  • Modern safety equipment to protect our crew and your property.
  • If we crack a tile, we will repair it.
  • Complete job clean up with no mess left behind.
  • Chemical-free cleaning with no harmful side-effects.
  • Cleaners knowledgeable of clay and concrete tile roofs.
  • Dramatic results can last for many years.



Pressure washing tip against a tile roof safely cleaning it. You can be assured that the Squeegee Pro technicians are using the proper techniques and procedures to clean your tile roof. The appropriate pressure is applied in accordance of the type of tile to be cleaned so as not to harm, crack, or break any roof tiles. If we do crack a tile we will repair it for you.

Because the roof tile cleaning is performed by high pressure water, no chemicals or other possible harmful agents are used during the process. This process physically removes dirt, soil, moss, and other grime from the tile surface while remaining safe for your home and environment.

3. We clean up the mess

Squeegee Pro Employees cleanin up the mess caused by roof cleaning. Cleaning a roof can create quite a mess. Our service wouldn't be of much value if we didn't clean up the resulting mess caused by the roof cleaning.. As part of our service we will always wash down hard surfaces, walkways, driveways, and siding that is soiled during the cleaning. Squeegee Pro also will clean the exterior of windows that were dirtied by the roof cleaning.

4. You can rely on us to get the job done right

Cleaning a roofYou rely on your roof to protect your home and family from the harsh elements of the environment and weather. And, you can rely on the Squeegee Pro roof cleaning to provide high-quality service and attention to your roof. Your home’s roof should not be neglected, and Squeegee Pro will get the job done right.

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So if you’ve been putting off having your tile roof cleaned professionally, now is the time to call and book an appointment. Tile roof cleaning requires special consideration and the price for the job will depend on structure size, complexity, type of tile, insurance & safety issues, and other various factors. To get a proper roof cleaning quote we suggest that you give us a call at (866) 956-7936 or (949) 250-1340 and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff-members.

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