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A surefire way to brighten your home or business is to have the windows freshly cleaned by a crew of professional window washers. And, the friendly and professional staff of Squeegee Pro has been providing window cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients of Southern California for well over a decade. Based in Orange County, Squeegee Pro provides not only window cleaning services, but also provides building, roof, driveway, and hardscape pressure cleaning, deep blind cleaning, rain gutter clearing, and solar panel washing. Our service area reaches beyond all of Orange County to include much of Los Angeles County and portions of the Inland Empire.

Maintain Your Windows & Protect Your Investment

With Squeegee Pro, our high quality window washing service provides additional benefits beyond the obvious advantages of a better view and a clean environment. Over time, hard minerals from sprinkler systems and building run-off, oxidation from metal frames and screens, and over spray from paint and caulking, can permeate the porous nature of window glass and cause degradation. Regular window cleaning maintenance with Squeegee Pro can help prevent the degradation of your residential and/or commercial windows while providing clean and crisp views, both inside and out.

With Squeegee Pro at your service there is no point in putting off those laborious and often messy chores around your home or business. Our trained personnel can do the job for you—and do the job right! In addition to the information provided here on the Squeegee Pro website, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and find us on Google+ too! for additional service information and offers to save on our many services.

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Fun @ Work And Welcome to The Team

It's Friday, it's pay day, it's time to have some fun at work! This morning we celebrated four fantastic new employees who just joined the Squeegee Pro Team (pictured above).

From Left to Right,

  • Irvin is a friend of Rosendo, one of our best employees. Squeegee Pro is Irvin's first "real" job and he is excited to be on board. He likes to be recognized with parties, so we thought a cake would do the trick.
  • Jesse is an Orange County native who LOVES cake (see pic below). He has a great attitude and a very professional demeanor.
  • Geovani (Paul is standing in for him because he was off today) is a father of two boys, ages 2 and 5. They keep him busy!
  • Tony is an Army vet with a big laugh and a can-do attitude. He graciously held the cake, which was quite heavy--you know those Costco cakes.

Orange County Chandelier Cleaning

Orange County Chandelier CleaningA crystal chandelier or intricate light fixture can brighten a formal dining room or enhance an entryway with class and beauty. But over time, the sparkle and radience of even the most stunning chandelier will dull to dust. lint, and even cobwebs. More often than not, chandeliers are hung high enough to make cleaning much more challenging than your standard housekeeping chore.


Squeegee Pro offers Orange County chandelier owners professional chandelier cleaning that will restore the radiance of their most cherished and valuable light fixtures. Since chandeliers come in many different types and sizes, a cleaning professional with chandelier experience is your best option for your fragile and expensive light fixtures.


The chandelier hanging in your foyer or dining room is collecting dust. And, what may ber well be one of the most extravagant and expensive items in your home deserves more than a passover with a feather duster attached to the end of a long pole. The trained technicians at Squeegee Pro know how to clean your precious chandelier with a modified approach to their time-tested and proven window glass cleaning method.