Squeegee Pro

10 Years of Service

Since its inception over ten years ago, Squeegee Pro has been family-owned. As such, we value our commitment to our employees and our community. Squeegee Pro has offices in Irvine, serving all of orange county, and most of Los Angeles, and San Bernadino County.

Our Commitment To Our Clients

We strive to earn your trust. The greatest thing we can do for our clients is to provide timely and professional service, so that our clients are happy and return to us as needed.  We hope you are so happy with our services, you tell all your friends and family about Squeegee Pro!


Sadie, the Squeegee Pro office dog. more Sadie info

Our Staff

We have a full-time staff who work to achieve the highest level of quality service. From the moment you first call to set up your service appointment to when the work is done to your satisfaction level and the truck drives away, we are eager to ensure a positive experience for all our clients.

Our Local Offices

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Sadie Says...

A cute dog, the squeegee pro cleaning mascot"I'm at the office almost everyday, and I hope we hear from you soon!"

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